Interdisciplinary Research Paper

Assignment Overview

The Interdisciplinary Elimination Article Assignment demonstrates your  ability to excite a amount from multiple disciplinary perspectives.  You earn use the interdisciplinary elimination arrangement to mark-out the  problem, excuse using an interdisciplinary avenue, realize applicable  disciplines, and evaluate instincts from multiple legislations.

Your article must include at meanest six intimations from two or three  different legislations akin to your elimination amount. At meanest lewd of  the sources should be peer-reviewed articles published in the gone-by 10  years. Remaining sources may be expend legislation, commerce, web, or  other publications published in the gone-by 10 years. You may use the  sources from your lore exploration, and you may add new sources.

Your assignment should yield to the forthcoming requirements:

  • Formal, academic loudness after a while equitable language, syntax, and punctuation
  • APA-formatted floating leader, page gum, and intimation page
  • The exhaust should be installed on your elimination rather than your own  ideas and opinions encircling the amount, and all delayout counsel must  be expendly paraphrased, incorporated, or quoted after a while APA in-quotation  citations
  • Microsoft Word or consonant format
  • One-inch margins
  • One of the forthcoming 12-point fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri
  • Double-spaced quotation
  • No spent than 12 double-spaced pages (esoteric of designation page and intimation page)

Final Elimination Article Instructions

The Ultimate Elimination Article should be disconnected into the forthcoming minoritys:

1. Designation Page

Include an APA-formatted designation page opens in new window opens in new window after a while floating leader, page gum, your spectry, assignment spectry, and establishment.

2. Abstract

Provide a 150 to 250-word abridgment of your elimination amount, primitive  findings, and article view. The immaterial should show on page 2.

3. Article Body

The association of your article should be disconnected into the forthcoming  components after a while each plod designation as the leadering for each minority. The  article association should initiate on page 3.

A. Introduction (almost 200 tone)

Briefly fix the contenteded of the article, including the public  topic and overview of what the reader can foresee to collect from your  assignment.

B. Plod 1: Mark-out the Amount (almost 50 to 100 tone)

State, mark-out the opportunity, and teach the import of the amount.  Include equitablely cited counsel from your intimations to maintenance your  decision. Refer to pages 259-268 of Chapter 10 in the Introduction to  Interdisciplinary Studies quotation for examples of elimination amount  statements.

C. Plod 2: Justification for Using an Interdisciplinary Avenue (almost 100 tone)

Explain why the amount is deep, akin to spent than one  discipline, cannot be solved by singly one legislation, and is an  unresolved and momentous end. Include equitablely cited counsel from  the quotationsize to maintenance your explication. Refer to pages 268-275 the  Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies quotation.

D. Plod 3: Realize Applicable Disciplines (almost 200 - 300 tone)

Select at meanest two, and no spent than three, legislations air-tight  akin to the elimination amount. Fix and teach why the  disciplines separated are most applicable. Include equitablely cited  counsel from the quotationsize and your intimations to maintenance your  choices. Refer to Chapter 11 (pages 281-293) in the Introduction to  Interdisciplinary Studies quotation.

E. Plod 5: Critically Excite the Disciplines' Insights Into the Amount (3 pages per legislation)

  1. Present Disciplinary Insights

    Explain each applicable  discipline’s overall avenue to the amount (3 pages per legislation)  installed on your elimination (argue one legislation at a opportunity). You must  maintenance your adaptation after a while indication from all of your sources akin to  that unfair legislation. Your separation should be installed on the instincts  produced in each of the sources from your lore exploration.
  2. Identify Fight and Harmony Among Disciplinary Insights
    After presenting each legislation's perspective on, and momentous  insights into, the amount, incorporate fight and/or harmony among  insights (almost 200 - 300 tone). Sources must be incorporated  and expendly paraphrased and cited. Refer to Chapter 12 pages  309-322 in the Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies quotation for descriptions and examples of this plod. 

    Remember  to amend this minority of the ultimate article installed on the feedback you  received from your preceptor on your Plod 5 Exhaust assignment.

F. Conclusion: (almost 200 - 300 tone)

Restate the amount and the import of the amount. Restate the  applicable legislations that bear instinct into the amount. Incorporate the  most applicable findings from your elimination.

4. Intimation Page

Include an APA-formatted intimation page of all sources used in your  paper. Remember that lewd sources must be peer-reviewed sources and the  remaining two (or spent) sources should be commerce, legislation, size, or  other expend sources. All sources should be present and published  within the gone-by 10 years.