Informative Essay on Friedman Family Assessment

Friedman Lineage Duty Darla Lauer NUR/405 August 27, 2012 Beth Edwards, MSN, FNP – BC Friedman Lineage Duty The aftercited is a examine of a lineage using the Friedman Lineage Assessment. “Public vigor protects must bear expertnesss to agitate competently betwixt established after a while specific families, bridge kindredhips betwixt families and the brotherhood, and fooder for lineage and brotherhood legislating and swing policies that prefer and preserve the vigor of populations” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 600). Identifying Data and Composition The peculiar testing instruction such as unmeasured point-out, oration, and phone number are not used so the lineage’s individuality sediment intimate. The duty of the lineage biblical a complicated ordinaryity. This is a nuclear/blended lineage after a while transmitted male/female roles. Each confederate has two offspring from former matrimonys. Those offspring are unfolded, married after a while offspring, and feed in opposed cities. They divide a son old 12. Each part brings his or her own expectations to the knot. Their clothes, eating behavior, and vigor views are ordinary of middle-class American. They eat three ocean meals a day after a while snacks and are very aware of caloric redress. LB narrates that she has a ordinary desire but, she besides narrates that she has lost 51 pounds this late year. Her popular heaviness is 169 pounds and she is 5 base 7 inches. LB has a body body renunciation (BMI) of 25. 5, which is balanceweight, according to the Center for Complaint Guide and Interruption ("Centers For Complaint Guide And Prevention", n. d. ). JB is 5 base 9 inches and 190 pounds. AB is 5 base 5 inches and 110 pounds. They see the savant integral two to three months a year as instructed for vigor check-ups. The ethnic makeup of the lineage parts shows LB is unspotted, born, and reared in New York. JB is Hipic, born, and reared in Puerto Rico. AB is White/Hipic, born, and reared in Orlando, FL. They narrate their holy voluptuousness is Catholic, but sometimes listen affected contravention-house. LB has a missive quantity and compositions as a registered protect. JB is a compositionman and has a twelfth-space educational flatten, attained in Puerto Rico. AB is listening 7th space at Deltona Middle School. According to "The New York Times" (n. d. ), this lineage is “upper-middle class” (Class Matters A Special Section). LB likes to misrepresent, foster German Shepherd dogs, and learn. She is erraticly complicated in the Democratic Party and has met President Obama divers dates. JB likes to observe sports or composition on his device amends car. AB is complicated in baseball and abundant days are gone-by at performance or games. Developmental Narrate and History of Lineage This munificent is immediately in Friedman’s indelicateth order of harvest, lineage after a while gthoroughgoing old offspring. The “Family harvestal and conduct cycle assumption explains and predicts the alters that befall to families and its parts balance date” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 10). The ocean tasks of anxiety in this lineage is to socialize the divided cadet, including promoting gthoroughgoing achievement and fostering of vigory equal kindred of the cadet. The other tasks for this order are oceantaining a satisfying hymeneal kindredhip and contravention the tangible vigor needs of lineage parts (Friedman, 1998). The lineage appears to be accomplishing their tasks courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved and gain before-long transition to Friedman’s fifth narrate of harvest. At the introduce date, LB is in fairly cheerful vigor, she has lost heaviness and her rheumatoid arthritis is courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved oceantained. She takes Methotrexate 25 mg PO weekly. JB is in cheerful vigor ate for elevated order constraining that is oceantained on medication, He takes Amlodipine-Benaz 10/40 mg 1 po qd and Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg po 1 qd. LB and JB divide lineage chores such as laundry and the misrepresenting. AB has chores assigned such as gate out the nonsense, yard composition, and he is obligatory for his extent and his bathroom. LB was born in America on July14, 1962 to Italian American perpetrators. JB was born in Puerto Rico on March 28, 1963, and his one forthcoming perpetrator, woman, stagnant resides in Puerto Rico. LB wholed elevated gthoroughgoing in New York and went on to whole a missive nursing program in 1987. She was married uniformly formerly and has two unfolded offspring from that matrimony. JB wholed elevated gthoroughgoing in Puerto Rico, agitated to the United States when he was 24. He was married uniformly formerly and has two unfolded offspring from that matrimony. He compositions as a compositionman. AB is immediately in 7th space. Environmental Data The lineage’s residence was built in 1985 and is 2500 sq. ft. and is one flatten. Entering through the face door, the ocean foundation extent, dining, and kitchen area are viewable. It is an disclosed pedestal artifice after a while the bedrooms all on one interest of the issue. There are indelicate bedrooms and two and a half baths. A bedextent is an appointment for twain LB and JB. The whole pedestaling constitution is tile. They are on the city infiltrate. There are two dogs in the residence. There are functioning carbon monoxide detectors and steam detectors in the issue. The issue is very handy, neat, and arranged. They feed in a rural vicinity; the closest neighbor is after a whilein 100 feet. The closest kinsmen they see on a ordinary basis are JB’s woman who visits uniformly a year. Otherwise, they lean on friends and neighbors for food. The closest hospital is closely ten minutes separate and the persomal being and police stations are closely five minutes separate. While there is offense in the area, it is usually inferior date stealing as reputed by LB and JB. The weather of the vicinity is of an older harvest. The vicinity is neat, courteous-behaved-behaved-behaved oceantained, and offspring can be seen permitted in the yards. LB and JB agitated to this introduce location 20 years ago. Before that they feedd partially. LB, JB, and AB are assiduous and expend most of their munificent date at residence. Both perpetrators are erratic after a while AB’s baseball team and LB is the team mom. JB fills in as an attendant coach when needed. Lineage Constitution and Functions Message patterns in the lineage are disclosed. LB and JB are disclosed, honorable, and bear a cheerful understanding of frame in-reference-to their matrimony, former matrimonys, offspring, and view on conduct. LB and JB are comprehensionable encircling each others’ illnesses. The values the lineage possesses are rigorous composition, disclosed, and season themselves spiritually as Catholics, eventually, non-practicing. LB and JB narrate they divide all decisions after a while heed to residence, offspring, and finances. LB manages the banking and budget. LB sets the menu, and grocery shopping is effected concurrently. They divide the misrepresenting for dinner and narrate that they openly eat dinner concurrently as a lineage. Affective and socialization functions in this lineage are ordinary. LB and JB contribute the regret and affection best adapted to tell AB the expertnesss, values, and norms of communion and their subculture. Affection is displayed by hugging, pathetic, and verbalization. The vigor of the lineage is the very grave to LB and JB. LB balancesees all of this as she is a protect. Health is seen as managing their continuous complaint processes, staying fit, and eating vigory. LB does not steam, eventually, JB admits to smoking again after a while either a cigarette or cigar. He announces constantly smoking outinterest the residence. The whole lineage receives ordinaryly commended vaccines. LB has increased her use cheer and added a gym. Though not balanceweight, JB sometimes uses. AB is very erratic and ordinary 12 year-old. Dental vigor has not been a guidance for the adult lineage parts though they announce that AB has had ordinary dental check-ups and neating wholed. Family Stress and Coping The lineage concurrently advised me that there are no senior stresses exact now. LB and JB twain verbalize anxiety balance economics and the forthcoming of their jobs and force to oceantain their conductstyle should the economic view worsen for the country. LB besides verbalizes her anxiety that her rheumatoid arthritis that has caused some elbow hideousness could worsen. She notices a alter in the high motor expertness of her hands and force. AB narrates he worries his team is not going to win their resistance. Both perpetrators point-out that they routinely sit down after a while AB and debate what is going on in gthoroughgoing and in his conduct in open. The lineage point-outs that they bear lineage thoroughgoinggoing table debateions anxietying any senior issues. The lineage respectfully listened and used cheerful confabulation expertnesss after a whileout attacking each other throughout the meeting. Lineage Nursing Diagnoses The guidance nursing peculiarity for this lineage is adulterated dentition akin to undignified vocal hygiene as evidenced by LB and JB’s gum erosion, detriment teeth, and daub of enamel. Another nursing peculiarity is adulterated tangible restlessness akin to musculoskeletal dilution as evidenced by LB’s elbow abnormity, complaints of decreased high motor expertness, and force. A third peculiarity is undignified airway diffusion akin to steam life as evidenced by JB’s verbalization of smoking (Ladwig & Ackley, 2011). Brotherhood Vigor Nursing Interventions For the guidance nursing peculiarity, one interference is to commend LB and JB see a dentist as before-long as practicable. Commend using a succession oscillation influence toothbrush for opposition of dental plaque two to three dates a day. Another interference is to find-out the lineage’s introduce comprehension of dental hygiene and instruct lineage on personal compositionmans of brushing teeth, the use of floss, and brushing the idiom. A third interference, commending that the lineage abide to eat a redressd food and season single sugars and carbonated sodas. It is urgent that a protect whole a thoroughgoinggoing duty on all clients. “Using praiseworthy message expertnesss, protects aid families particularize the guidance of issues they are confronting, test their needs, and unfold a artifice of action. Family parts are experts in their own vigor” (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2008, p. 612). References Centers for complaint guide and interruption. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. cdc. gov Friedman, M. M. (1998). Lineage Nursing. (4th ed. ) Stanford, CT: Appleton & Lange. Ladwig, G. B. , & Ackley, B. J. (2011). Mosby's Guide to Nursing Peculiarity (3rd ed. ). Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby Elsevier. Stanhope, M. , & Lancaster, J. (2008). Public Vigor Nursing: Population-centered vigor regret in the brotherhood (8th ed. ). Maryland Heights, MO: Elsevier. The New York Times. (n. d. ). Retrieved from http://www. nytimes. com