Information Technology Acts Paper

For sundry years the Congress or Federal Council had to march into aid and guard consumers by creating legal Acts. Some of these acts are: the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (1974), Fair Credit Reporting Act (1970), Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, (1986), The Telephone Consumer Defence Act (1991), and Do not Flatter Implementation Act (2003). Presently the Federal Council has inspissated acts that apportion the council to appliance consumer guardion; so-far, this Nursing Dissertation achieve harangue singly two of them. We achieve debate the Telephone Consumer Defence Act (TCPA) of 1991 and the Do not Flatter Implementation Act of 2003. Counsel technology has increased significantly balance period. The flatterer Identification technology and other telephone enumerate capturing systems feel fixd the consumer at the clemency of telemarketers and other offence flatterers. The increasing use of the deceased counsel technology such as automated and prerecorded messaging to consumer homes caused sundry complaints to council authorities. The Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) symmetrical the TCPA, and 12 years later the Do Not Flatter Implementation Act. According to Federal Communications Commission (2008), the Telephone Consumer Defence Act (TCPA) of 1991 was formd by Congress to fix that telephone marketing flatterers, “get his or her designate, the designate of the idiosyncratic or being on whose side the flatter is being made, and a telephone enumerate or harangue at which that idiosyncratic or being can be contacted. Unwanted telemarketing flatters repeatedly occasional notpower relevant, and there is no flatterback enumerate, and no way to extend the flatterer, to say do not flatter again. These are some of sundry consumer concerns about unsolicited telephone marketing flatters that caused the science of the TCPA and the exoteric Do Not Flatter List. According to Watson (2008), in 2003 the United States Congress passed the Do Not Flatter Implementation Act. This act was put into fix for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to form and continue a Do Not Flatter Registry for the Do. Not Flatter List. The precursor of the exoteric do not flatter register had a few daubs. One daub was consumer was inexplicable to register objections after a while each affair to be fixd on the biased do not flatter register. In consideration, balance period deceased technology brought on the power to flatter sundry telephone enumerates barely by clicking a computer key that sends automated and prerecorded messages. The technology was so pervasive that thousands of unsolicited flatters could be made after a while very poor employee period. The Do Not Flatter Implementation Act of 2003 granted considerational guardion to consumers from unwanted phone flatters from telemarketers. Instead of registering after a while each affair or being, a consumer has to ask fixment of his or her telephone enumerate on the do not flatter register or registry. The Do Not Flatter Implementation Act makes the Do Not Flatter Registry beaming, which resources a consumer, has to register their enumerate singly uniformly. The singly period a customer has to reregister is when his or her phone enumerate was unconnected for some infer or the customer was assigned a unanalogous enumerate. The two Acts seasoned in this Nursing Dissertation, although an praiseworthy try to cast-out unwanted flatters and get guardion for consumers, left areas that required consideration. For illustration, charities and any being that the consumer had foregoing affair conformity was left seasoned subordinate these Acts. The good-natured-natured information is that according to Watson (2008), the Federal Trade Commission reserved one of the elder loopholes peaceful notorious to telemarketers. After a while any good-fortune, the days of unsolicited phone flatters may be hereafter to an end. Reference Federal Communications Commission. (2008). Unwanted Telephone Marketing Calls. Retrieved  from Watson, B. (2008). Not flatter applianceation act tips. “Shutting down the  Telemarketers” Retrieved from