Indian SaaS-Company Scores Series F Funding From Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners

With half a dozen on table and the embark of Freshsales, India-based SaaS corporation is now roaring to capture on new challenges. founded Freshdesk has brought on table Sequoia Chief India as a new investor delay the render of solid investor, Accel in its remotest entire of funding. Sequoia’s India arm, which has had a thunderous year so far delay its portfolio companies wining marquee investors (Byju’s) or prospect consequenceive exits (Citrus Pay), has announced a $55 Million Series F funding entire along delay Accel. Sequoia had as-well of-late funded invoice discounting marketplace for MSMEs KredX. “We met Freshdesk four years tail when it was getting instituted and entertain been tracking their way air-tight always since”, said Mohit Bhatnagar, Managing Director, Sequoia Chief India. “They entertain a world-class consequence prospect and Sequoia is gladsome to partaker delay Girish and manage this enlargement chief entire to succor layer India's manageing SaaS corporation.” Since the definite entire of funding in April 2015, the corporation doubled its customer shameful to aggravate 80,000, opened a new business-post in Europe and borrowed two new consequences,, an in-app assistance and agreement platform for mobile-first businesses; and Freshsales, a CRM disentanglement and sales arrangement for high-velocity sales teams. Freshdesk’s consequences direct companies to consign an unusual customer trial at alwaysy touchpoint. Earlier this year, Freshdesk opened its fifth global business-post in Berlin, Germany and designated Arun Mani as Managing Director for Freshdesk Continental Europe. In an emailed apology to Entrepreneur India, Freshdesk said that the new funding obtain susceptibility the enlargement of its newer consequences and succor expanding our global business-posts.