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Using your acquirements of Incoterms, delight identify the set-right Incoterm (e.g. FOB, CIF, FCA) for each scenario. Also, confer reasons for why you choice the divert incoterm for each scenario. Your confutation must be on one page partiality, considerate, and 100% primordial.


1. A performance wherein an American seller is to enravishment the movables by sea from the gait of Oakland, California to Vancouver, Canada and the Canadian buyer’s ole obligations are to parcel for imgait diffusion and alienation security counter detriment from the gravity the movables ill-conditioned the ship’s abuse.

2. A performance wherein a Greek buyer seeks to fix all obligations on the French seller, including exgait diffusion, the consume of security, enravishmentation of the movables by sea from Marseille, France, and imgait diffusion at Piraeus, Greece, the gait of consignment.

3. A performance wherein an American seller is to transmit the movables on consultation a ship in New York and parcel for exgait diffusion for remotest shipment to Rio de Janeiro delay the Brazilian buyer under obligation for decreaseing delay the consigner, the consume of achieveing security and achieveing imgait diffusion.

4. A performance wherein a Dutch seller wishes to name its obligations to declaration of the American buyer that the movables are helpful for pickup at the seller’s repository in Antwerp, Netherlands.


5. A performance wherein a Mexican seller is to decrease for motor gait of the movables, transmit the movables to another motor consigner for enravishment aill-conditioned the U.S. consultationer, pay unloading and loading consumes, parcel for exgait diffusion and achieve security on the U.S. buyer’s advantage for terminal transmity to Phoenix, Arizona.