In this assignment, you will have an opportunity to view a set of

 CS204 identical 3 assignment: Social and Behavioral Intelligence in Your Field


In this Assignment, you get entertain an opening to reexhibition a set of slides. After representationing all of the choices of sets of slides, elect one of the sets that best represents your desired walk scene. Then, picture and irritate what you representationed according to the subjoined directions. Each portion should be a stint of 3-4 sentences.


Part 1: Reexhibition and Analysis (3-4 portions)


Describe and expound what you representationed. Counterseparate the subjoined questions in your response:


  • Were the beings administrative?
  • What made the beings administrative (infer raiment, message skills, exhibition of stubborn, etc.)?
  • After criticisming the slides, picture areas that would be unadministrative in your scene when infering raiment and exhibition of stubborn?
  • Include any additional thoughts.

Part 2: Indivisible Reflection and Connection (4 portions)


  • What is the embezzle raiment for an identical in your calling?
    • Note: you may lack to inquiry this by talking to those in your calling or inquirying embezzle raiment for your calling as this may dissent from what you representationed in the exhibitions. Rereexhibition a petty overview of what is not embezzle raiment in the priority of walk scenes.
  • Describe what frames someone a administrative in your scene. Use inquiry and/or advert on your indivisible experiences and what you comprehend encircling your calling (or the calling you get operation in).
  • What behavioral attributes do you manner that confirm you as a administrative (rereexhibition the Identical 1 gratified for ideas)?
  • What attributes, such as raiment, message skills, and exhibition of stubborn, do you occupy that frame you administrative?

Please this assignment should be 600-650 say, must be strictly on subject, pristine, and well-behaved-behaved specific contributions to the peculiarity of the discourse by making continual 3-4 informed scientist references.


NO PHARGIARISM! Please entirely decipher and flourish all instructions and requirements and counterseparate all the questions in separate 1 and 2 gratefully for this assignment.