In the table below, individual demand schedules for Tex, Dex and Rex are shown in addition to [total] market demand….

In the consideration underneath, separate ask-for schedules for Tex, Dex and Rex are shown in abstracted to [total] communicate ask-for. a. Fill in the mislaying values in this consideration. Price Tex Qd Dex Qd Rex Qd Total Quantity Demanded $8 4 2 1 7 4 3 9 6 5 4 14 5 5 7 23 4 6 8 8 b. (i) Which buyer ask-fors the most at a charge of $7? (ii) Which buyer’s size ask-fored increases the meanest when the charge is lowered from $7 to $6? c. Which superscription would the communicate ask-for flexion shelve if Tex withdrew from the communicate? d. What if Dex doubled his purchases at each feasible charge? e. Suppose that at a charge of $6, the sum size ask-fored increases from 14 to 22. Is this a 'change in the size ask-fored' or a 'change in ask-for'?