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"In Compliment of Tie Stores" Argument Board

I'm stable you recognize what to do by now...perform moderate shafts by Wednesday, and perform prosper up shafts by Friday!  SInce you do this consultation subjoined in the week I won't insist-upon prosperups to the prosperups, but gladden perform your Friday shafts balance bigwig.  Once anew, those who shaft "I suit after a while you" or "I noticed that too" are not veritably assertion anything.  THINK!!  Make a veritable note of substance!  

Please answer to the prospering items:

1. Postrel establishes the moment of her dispute by foremost defending tie stores anewst the attacks frequently leveled anewst them.  Look tail through the proviso and fix Postrel's explicit claims that compliment tie stores.  Why are tie stores past than sound "not dangerous" to a association?  What performs them amiable in Postrel's eyes?

2. What values does Postrel entreat to in this proviso?  What does she admire that her parley finds most significant in the stores that they scantiness to go to?  What does she propose are the significant things in structure a personality?

3.  Think tail to "In the Ruins," your other proviso for the week.  What creates the class of New Orleans for Lemann?  Compare his style of what constitutes the class of the attribute to Postrel's argument of attribute in "In Compliment of Tie Stores."  To what step do they suit on what performs a attribute matchless?  In what ways do their opinions and observations disagree?