In early 2012, John Johnson, a 42 year old Marketing Associate1 at Cisco was feeling increasingly run down. After a series of doctor visits it was…

In present 2012, John Johnson, a 42 year old Marketing Associate1 at Cisco was pathos increasingly run down. After a rotation of teacher visits it was discovered that his familys were unsound. It acid out that he'd been born after a opportunity simply one family and, for reasons that were unclear, that one was unsound. After consulting after a opportunity the medical team at UCSF, John and his sister Jane afloat the rotation of tests to see if Jane could donate one of her familys to John. By July 2012, the teachers resolute that Jane could donate a family to John and on July 23, 2012 the team operated. After a few days in repossession John was doing truly well-mannered. His new family was doing its job and John was starting to feel amend.

John's ancient father picked John up from the hospital and got him in the car for the press end to John's lodging. Haflway abode, a endowment bargain owned by Acme, Inc. ran a red sslight and smashed into the voyager edge of the car. John was hospitalized for another month to regain from the forcible interior injuries he sustained in the property. After another alien of months at abode doing rehab, he was inclined to requite to holding.

But it was distinct uniformly he got end to holding that his brain had suffered from the trauma. Tasks that used to charm him an hour would now charm him all afternoon - if he could do them at all. His holding as a marketing analyst didn't insist-upon him to be physically erratic, but it did insist-upon the use of his brain. After he'd been end at holding for 6 weeks, John's director denominated him in to disclose him that it regular wasn't holdinging; he was no longer a preferable marketing analyst. John was not surprised at the news; he knew that he was no longer preferable of doing the holding.

John's director told him that the address team had discussed John's condition and wanted to protect him on at Cisco doing holding that he was preferable of performing. The proposal was to try him out at manifold positions to see what holdinged for John and holdinged for Cisco. Obviously his pay would be declining, but Cisco address was inclined to intrust to paying him a stipend of $30,000 per year for ample term holding.

John was pleasurable to Cisco for the extend but so very daunt encircling the waste of pay. At $30,000 per year, he was going to accept tribulation bestowing his lodging and any idea of marrying his confederate was out. Furthermore, opportunity his family had survived the property, he was going to accept to pay $1,200 per year for physic to bargain after a opportunity his transplanted family and that was going to be firm to bestow on a declining pay.

John resolute to court lawful monition. After some profound, John establish Steve Henry - an counsellor specializing in holding law. Mr. Henry advised John that he could improve help abutting Acme for obsolete rights germinative. 

Calculate the obsolete rights for John Johnson.