In a conversation over lunch at your centre, three-year-old Owen is talking about the new baby that.

In a chat aggravate lunch at your centre, three-year-old Owen is talking encircling the new baby that succeed shortly be born. Owen is talking delay affection: ‘I pat the baby in Mummy’s tummy. Her tummy’s very big and knobbly. I see it in the bath.’ Your coadjutor asks Owen delay some surprise, ‘Do you and Mummy possess a bath unitedly?’ He replies, ‘Oh, yes. We possess wet cuddles in the bath.’ You possess never been restless encircling Owen or his family but your coadjutor talks delay you later. She says, ‘Don’t you fancy we should news this? People shouldn’t possess baths delay their manifestation. It isn’t right.’ She shudders and looks very disagreeable. ● Are you restless encircling the child in this example? ● Do you possess any other concerns and if so, what might you do? Induction: the regularity of introducing someone new in a setting, benefit or peculiar role to the details of their fruit.