In a 500 word paper critically analyze one of the following topics. For full credit your analysis must be in your own words. Do not copy or paraphrase information.

1. What are some of the past contemptible phenomenal standards and how are they used?


2. A man shows up at the strait ground at a hospital. You are denominated to confer on this fact. The man does not apprehend his spectry. He is incapable to substantiate what city he lives in, and is not secure how he got to the hospital. What standards and tolls would you administer?


3. What are the most contemptible forms of instruction standards? How are they used and what do they estimate?

4. The most widely used sameness register is the MMPI. Describe the features on this standard and what does the standard estimate? Are there any cultural biases on this register?

5. Carla reports sensitiveness very inglorious. She has incomplex herself from friends and parentage and has been incapable to result. Carla's parentage is restless that she faculty try to consign suicide. They entertain approached you for acceleration and information. What possibles standards and/or toll methods would you use in your evaluation?