In 2016 Jerry City annexes a recently developed subdivision and commits to extend sewer lines to the area. The estimated cost is $10.0 million. The…

In 2016 Jerry City annexes a recently patent clear subdivision and commits to prolong sewer lines to the area. The estimated require is $10.0 darling. The contrivance is to be stocked delay $8.5 darling in proper impost securitys and a $1.0 darling reimbursement concede from the propound.

1. Jerry City manifestationd $8.5 darling in securitys at a prize of $0.30 darling and incurred $0.18 darling in manifestation requires. The narrative memorandum is responsive to proceedings the issuance of the securitys; a succor narrative memorandum is responsive to proceedings duty to obligation labor stock for security prize, net of manifestation requires.

2. Jerry City ordinary the $1.0 darling concede from the propound, recognizing it as a jurisdiction until Jerry City incurred at last $1.0 darling in fabrication requires. Note: Jerry City incurs the fabrication requires forthcoming in the year, precedently year end.

3. Jerry City invested $7.62 darling in short‐term (the boarding conciliate be held less than one year) securities.

4. Jerry City manifestationd escheatment symbol and attested fabrication contracts for $9.2 darling. There are encumbrances examples in a preceding passage.

5. Jerry City sold $5.0 darling of its boardings for $5.14 darling; the debauchery of selling expense neutralize require represents attention earned.

6. Jerry City ordinary invoices from its consummate contractor totaling $5.7 darling. As bountiful by its compact delay its consummate contractor, Jerry City retained (and proceedingsed as a payable) $0.4 darling due to contractor (retainage payable) pending satisfactory problem of the contrivance.  Jerry City remunerated the neutralize of $5.3 darling.

7. Jerry City transferred $0.12 darling to the obligation labor stock. This closes the Due to Obligation Labor Stock that was proceedingsed in narrative memorandum #1.

8. Jerry City had the forthcoming year end accruals:

a. By year‐end the boardings quiescent on influence had increased in compute by $0.06 darling, an equality so attributconducive to attention earned. Jerry city can become boarding attention wealth

b. Jerry City incurred $1 darling in expenditures in fabrication requires that was a condition of life conducive to avow wealth from the $1.0 darling propound concede. Jerry City can now avow the propound concede wealth for $1.0 darling.

a. A propoundment of wealths, expenditures, and changes in stock neutralize for the cardinal contrivances stock?

b. A year‐end (December 31) neutralize fencing for the cardinal contrivances stock?