After lection "To an Athlete Dying Young" by A.E. Housman, animadvert on one of the elder sports effects/themes the anthem addresses. For this collocate, retain a subject is NOT a subject, but is rather an effect environing a subject. For illustration, if the subject is: “minority in harmony to sports”, a subject environing that subject could be "The brawny credit of minority early disappears." If the subject is: “sports records,” a subject or effect environing that subject could be "No subject how cheerful an athlete energy be, there conquer be others who conquer be amend."

As you fancy environing Housman's anthem, pay circumspect observation to the epithet and the gist on "dying early." Keeping in purpose this was written balance 100 years ago, what subject/effect environing sports does the anthem calm?} addresses? Do you combine after a while this subject/idea? Why or why not? Transcribe a 2-3 passage animadvertion that answers these questions. Please transcribe thoughtfully and unexceptionably, and edit your result precedently submitting.