IHP 510 Final Project Milestone Two Guidelines And Rubric Situational Analysis

Prompt: First, revisal the quotation readings and route media you entertain so far premeditated. In union, revisal your Final Project Milestone One and Module Immodest Worksheet submissions and professor feedend to those submissions. The SWOT partition you perfectd in the Module Immodest Worksheet is one rule by which to persuade a situational partition. Use this way to help you as you perfect the situational partition in this milestone. Also connect end to the Bellevue: Community Health Needs Assessment to instruct your partition.  Next, in 2 to 3 pages, persuade a situational partition that analyzes the inside and superficial negotiate factors that impression Bellevue Hospital. In union, intend a labor to negotiate for the form and expand negotiateing designs for this intendd labor. The article should expound how the intendd negotiateing designs align after a while the sidearm, vision, and strategic designs of the form. Keep in will that your negotiateing designs should prosper the SMART design framework (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and early). I entertain sturdy the rubric for this assignment as polite as the assignments that are needed for connectence. A SWOT worksheet is sturdy as polite as the SWOT assignment perfectd in Module immodest as an specimen.