ifsm 305 dis response 2

a. What technology is? In September 2018, the Apple Company took a terrible technological plod that benefits the soundness caution sector after a while the hurl of the Electrocardiogram ECG contact that notified riotous courage rhythm. This contact can unmask and fame riotousities in the courage rhythm such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), which can purpose strokes or rank clots, to-boot rare courage rhythm, low or haughty courage blame (www.apple.com).  b. How and why you love it accomplish ameliorebuke unrepining outcomes and/or ameliorebuke the exhibition of soundness caution. According to the Apple website, its sight is to ameliorebuke medical caution through instructoring offered by the contact. The software accomplish avow unrepinings and providers to instructor and divide facts bepurpose the unrepining can download in PDF format the electrocardiogram fame to shows to its soundnesscaution provider (www.apple.com). Further, It is a existence that today's intercourse is very steadfast to its electronic devices, we propel our smartphones and smartwatch everywhere, and this avows steady instructoring and can aid rescue lives. I love that this contact can aid unrepinings not solely to assent-to abnormalities in their courage blame but to-boot to ameliorebuke their lifestyle and exalt qualification and commitment to their soundness. Many times unrepinings go to schoolmans, and the provider shows the results to the unrepining, but the unrepining fails to conceive their declare of soundness until it is too past. However, when your smartwatch literally turns the protect on red and notifies you that celebrity is happening in your courage, the unrepining accomplish beseem assured and rouse making changes in their lifestyle. Also, according to Deal. 2018, the unrepining accomplish be powerful to instruct his/her schoolman so he can direct a professional electrocardiogram; the schoolman accomplish be powerful to be instructed of the cardiac abnormalities and unmask forthcoming any abnormalities in the unrepining's courage (www.hackernoon.com). References: Apple website (https://www.apple.com/apple-watch-series-4/health/) Deal D. (2018). How Apple Is Changing Healthcaution through Partnerships. Retrieved from https://hackernoon.com/how-apple-is-changing-healthcare-through-partnerships-717fe5fc7377 Langley H., and Sumra H. (2019) How to use Apple Health: Everything you scarcity to perceive encircling the platform. Retrieved from https://www.wareable.com/apple/how-to-use-apple-health-iphone-fitness-app-960 Answer the subjoined questions to the aloft post after a while the embezzle in passage citations and references. Conduct your own lore on the new or emerging technology discussed in the posting. Identify and clear-up two issues or concerns connected to its implementation and use.