I would only need help with part c, and its pretty short.


RMD 620

Week 3

Exam #1

Note: Submissions obtain not be unconcealed forthcoming grades for this assignment enjoy been proped.  Alternate assignments are not succorful.

This forthcoming assignment should afford you a property to curb your wisdom of the pass esthetic so you can transfer, if needed, anteriorly the semester progresses too far.  This experience is not planned to secrete all the key points environing the esthetic you’ve decipher in the pristine three weeks; the deciphering esthetic we’ve had so far may too be middle in forthcoming, past abundant experiences. 

Instructions:  Each collocate is likely to be unanalogous.  If you propuslow you perceive what is insist-upond, you may reach a hazard that can be eschewed deduceable by deciphering the instructions.

  • Post your Defense Sheet in your specialal assignment folder by the due duration registered in the Pass Schedule.  Please prop on quantity to eschew the 5% per day slow pain insist-upond by outlineal cunning.  Remember the slow window begins at 12:00 a.m. the present day.  Please don’t ask me forthcoming the deadoutsequence to mit a slow pain.  If you’re having a substance that companiones the criteria in the grading cunning, continuity me anteriorly the deadline.  I succor when I can. (See the Grading Counsel in the syllabus.) 
  • Please performance alone; this is not a tabulate assignment.
  • Do not use any performance that has been submitted to a preceding collocate.  (See the Grading Counsel in the syllabus.  This is too segregate of the Academic Integrity pawn you composerized.) 
  • Do not use a secrete fencing.  Just be indispuconsideration your call is on the Defense Sheet.  The unmitigated Defense Fencing is in the Pass Resigned area, in the similar locate as the exam. 
  • Remember to use a Word .doc  or .docx  smooth format to enindispuconsideration I can unreserved your performance.  (See the Grading Counsel in the syllabus.) 
  • Please do not retype the counsel or annotate your multiple-choice defense.  Any indistinctness in the defense obtain be interpreted as an untruth. Reasonable register the defense by the estimate on the Defense Sheet. 
  • Please do use APA to regard your essay/pthoughtless defense. Create a regard register at the end and use the (author, year) format among the text; or, if it is a plain adduce, the (author, year, page estimate) format.  Please do not set-on-pedestal a new page solely for the regard register; deduceable quantity down forthcoming your latrial defense.
  • Please reap that I cannot defense topics that are in-certainty segregate of the experience itself.  That violates experienceing methodology.  I can harangue “administrative type” topics. Prop topics to the Exam 1 discourse area (vs. email) so incessantlyyone obtain enjoy the similar counsel.
  • Please be indispuconsideration you enjoy submitted the muniment you planned.  Double-check by unreserveding your muniment in your folder forthcoming you’ve submitted it.    

Tips for Success

Be indispuconsideration you enjoy defenseed all the topics.  From quantity to quantity, I see students estimate improperly or pass-by topics.

Allow tit quantity to prize, alter, and prize anew environing your defenses anteriorly conceding the decisive muniment.  As before-long as you enjoy the exam, decipher what is needed.  During the week, prize environing how to defense the topics.  Jot down ideas to opine.  Create an contour of the resigned you insufficiency to include in the written keep-aparty.  Then, convene the segregates into a sensible defense. 

Use the untrammelled congruity prop tools that are accessed via the collocateroom.  Allow ample quantity for the congruity tutors to benefit.  Access to that use is in the Resigned area. 

Part A – Knowledge Curb  (20% of the experience; 2 points each)

  1. T or F:  The National Performance Kinsmen Act applies to non-combination companies.
  2. T or F:  As the pristine combination in the U.S., the key exercise of the AFL-CIO is to pass contracts.
  3. T or F:  The Mainstream Economics instruct of acceleration environing performance kinsmen relies on untrammelled-market emulation to mention the appraisement of performance; and, as such, sees combinations as suspension in that system.
  4. T of F:  The Wagner Act directs performance kinsmen for United Airlines.
  5. T or F:  Unions seek to afford equity and dialect a locate in determinations that jurisdiction inadequately be forcen by accomplishingness.
  6. T or F:  The Haymarket Tragedy was segregate of the violent-effort for an 8-hour performanceday.
  7. T or F:  In the U.S., the forfeit cunning for the tenure kinsmenhip is the tenure-at-obtain precept; but, federal cunning too encourages the use of collective bargaining which stipulations it.

8.  T or F:  Overall combination inobservance has decreased gone the 1970s consequently the privy sector

 growth has extensiond occasion the unconcealed sector community has decomposed.

9.  T or F:  Current U.S. performance law is installed on the selfreliance that a counterpoise among

   management’s and performance’s directment benefits community in unconcealed.

10. T or F:  Property straights are a senior premise for skillful-treatment’s composerity and curb.

Part B – Pthoughtless Anatomy (18% of the experience; 3 points each)

  1. Earl’s balanceseer instructed him to transcribe the monthly communication for the county directment’s Agency for Municipal Parks. Feeling balanceworked, he complained to Matt, a mate subsequently a occasion the similar job collocateification. Earl remarked that this was further the purpose of his job denomination. Matt agreed.  He said that stocking for the county’s unconcealed rings programs was cut in the latrial preference, so incessantlyyone was entity asked to double-up on responsibilities.  Earl suggested trade a parley of all the Assistants in the outoutsequence to see what could be effected.

    T or F:  The concerted spectre acceleration of NLRA Section 7 would secure this tabulate of Assistants if they encountered reprisals for challenging the balanceseer’s plainion.

  2. Six performanceers in a dispose-of decide-of-avocation were in the rupture compass examineing the discipoutsequence they anticipateed to admit present month.  They silenced that it was not as abundant as latrial year’s discipline.  They wondered how they could petition an extension and agreed to performance concertedly to discbalance a way.  They lowered their dialects when the HR Director came in for a cup of coffee consequently examineing tribe’s expiation was anewst community cunning.

    Two weeks slowr, the 6 performanceers were closed.  They were the solely employees to be let go.  They were surprised and began to parallel silences.  They knocked on the HR Director’s door to ask for an exposition.  The HR Director deciphered that the community appreciated their contributions but reminded them that, as they acknowledged when they were remunerated, their tenure was at-will.  That meant the community did not need to afford a deduce and tnear was molehill past to be effected.

    T or F:  The HR Director’s excollocation that the say’s tenure-at-obtain precept obtain be the allowable frameperformance to direct this scenario was chasten.    

  3. Erin and 3 of her co-workers enjoy a flag set of lotto estimates that they confusedly enact each week.  If they incessantly companion the alluring ticket, they obtain severed the capital.
    On her Facebook page, Erin props that she can’t endure to win so she can abandon performance.  The  others answer in covenant.

    T or F:  If skillful-treatment vitalityd them for gambling at performance, the NLRA Section 7 concerted spectre acceleration would secure this tabulate.


  4. When the balanceseer of avocation operations told Paula that she had to performance on the mystification transfer at the dispose-of decide-of-avocation for the present few months, she left him a silence proverb this was unnormal and she would not do it.  The balanceseer determined her the present day to see why she objected.  Paula said she did not enjoy someone to seem forthcoming her offshoot at mystification.  The balanceseer replied that she was the latrial one to be remunerated and she would enjoy to reach arrangements to do it.  Paula said this was discernment, and the discourse became fiery.  The balanceseer vitalityd her.

    T or F:  If Paula smoothd a lamentation lowerneathneath the NLRA, the Section 7 concerted spectre acceleration would secure her.

  5. When the proprietor of an importunate anxiety community announced to his staff of 10 that he would at-once cut stipend by 10% to spare the avocation from bankruptcy, employees were stunned and afflicted.  After sundry converses, they firm to transcribe a flexure, nameless, deferential epistle to pointed staff concerns and present alternatives for saving
    money, such as eliminating the mistress companion to the 401K stock.  The epistle was written by the center’s physician’s benefitant and edited by its radiation technologist. It was then left distrusted on the doctor’s desk.  During the present few weeks, the proprietor met subsequently a occasion specialal employees in an seek to reach who wrote the epistle,
    and the atmospnear became increasingly compact. He prisoner sundry employees of whispering and cliquish deportment, and often complained of “toxic talk” and negativity”.  A short balance three weeks forthcoming the epistle was delivered, the technologist was vitalityd.  The proprietor then reached by examining the technologist’s performance emails that the physician’s benefitant had written the epistle. The present day, she was vitalityd as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved. 

    T or F:  The epistle meets the allowable criteria for a concerted spectre.

  6. Brittney transferred to HR a alien months ago from an benefitant’s collocation in the marketing outline.  Her pristine senior assignment has been to upduration the employee artisanbook.  She has been throng examples from other organizations to vision into her draw.  Here is one she is recommending consequently it seems disentangled and biased.  It indulgent to lowerneathstand.   

    Unauthorized Interviews: As a resources of secureing yourself and the community, no distrusted confabulations are unconditional to be passed by specialals representing themselves as attorneys, tranquillity calling-postrs, investigators, communicationers, combination figuratives, or someone who insufficiencys to “ask a few topics.” If you are asked topics environing the community or its unconcealed or previous employees, you are not unconditional to utter as a figurative of the community. Fascinate advert that specialal(s) to your balanceseer. A deexit obtain then be made as to whether that specialal may pass any confabulation and they obtain be introduced to you by your balanceseer subsequently a occasion a deduce for the topicing. Similarly, if you are certified that an distrusted confabulation is occurring at the community, at-once inform your balanceseer.

      T or F:  Having this administration is ilallowable lowerneathneath the June, 2018 NLRB’s guidelines.   

Part C  - Pthoughtless Anatomy (62% of the experience)  

In the pthoughtless adown, an employee smooths a Section 8(a)1 lamentation subsequently a occasion the NLRB anewst his mistress for firing him.  The mistress asserts that it has closed the employee lawfully.  After deciphering the reason of the plight, decipher what the deexit should be (who should win).  Also decipher any remedies that are needed.  Be indispuconsideration to establish the allowable concepts implicated and use details from the pthoughtless to appearance testimony in prop of your collocation.  Please stipulation your anatomy to 2-3 double-spaced pages. 

Tip – Consider:

  1. What is the employee’s controversy?  Why does he prize he was vitalityd?  In his end, which biased acceleration in the NLRA was flat?  What does the acceleration insist-upon? Using the NLRA insist-uponments, examine whether the reason in this pthoughtless prop the employee’s collocation that his exit constituted an liable performance custom.   
  2. What is the mistress’s controversy?  Why did it vitality the employee?  Does the NLRA debar that deduce?  Using the NLRA insist-uponments, examine whether the reason in this pthoughtless prop the mistress’s deexit to close the employee. 
  3. As the NLRB referee, who do you prize is straight?  Which interest has the straight deduce, allowable framework, and details (evidence) to prop its solution of the law? 
  4. If a violation occurred, what needs to be effected to chasten it?  (This is the specific.)

    Car Dealer’s Case


    This community has two tradesmanships in Springfield, Illinois; one dispose-ofs exchanges, and the other dispose-ofs wantonness cars.  Jack, the employee who was vitalityd, began performanceing at the exveer tradesmanship in 2002.  He transferd to the wantonness tradesmanship in 2008 wnear he performanceed until he was vitalityd in 2014.

    People Involved

    Compensation Plan

    Tnear are three contributing atoms to the pay of the salespersons: the pristine is a 25-percent deputation of the advantage superficial from the sale of the demeanor, the advantage entity the distinction among the dispose-ofing appraisement and the absorb of the demeanor. The cooperate atom is installed upon volume; in enjoin to restrict for this boon, the salesspecial must dispose-of 12 cars in a month, including, at last, 2 used cars. The decisive atom is the Customer Satisfforce Index, which is installed upon inspect topicnaires sent to customers who purchased a car.

    Employee Handbook

    The employee artisanbook middle the forthcoming administration:

    (b) Courtesy: Courtesy is the calling of incessantlyy employee. Everyone is anticipateed to be reserved, civil and social to our customers, vendors and suppliers, as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as to their associate employees. No one should be disdeferential or use antipathy or any other dialect which injures the fiction or class of the Dealership.

    Facebook Postings

    The certainty pages are entitled: “(luxury) 2014 5 Succession Soiree.” On the pristine page, Jack proped:  “I was blithesome to see that (dealer) went ‘All Out’ for the most material embark of a new (wantonness car) in years . . . the new 5 succession. A car that obtain produce tens in millions of dollars in revenues for the tradesman balance the present few years. The sthoughtless 8 oz bags of chips, and the $2.00 cookie pslow from Sam’s Club, and the semi cool apples and oranges were such a neat assume . . . but to top it all off . . . the Hot Dog Cart. Wnear our clients could reach an balancecooked wiener and a vapid bun.” Underneath were criticises by Jack’s kinsfolk and friends, followed by Jack’s defenses. On the forthcoming page tnear is a represent of Dutch subsequently a occasion his arm encircling the dame serving the hot dogs, and the forthcoming page has a represent of Dutch subsequently a occasion a hot dog. Page 4 appearances the snack consideration subsequently a occasion cookies and consequence.  Page 5 appearances one of the sales tribe tenure bottles of impart, subsequently a occasion a criticise proped by Jack:  “No, that’s not champagne or wine, it’s 8 oz. impart. Pop or soda would be out of the topic.”  In this photo, a salesspecial is seen coveting the expensive vintages of imdissect that were succorful for our guests. Page 6 appearances the prognostic depicting the new wantonness 5 Succession car subsequently a occasion Jack’s criticise adown: “This is not a acceleration certainty. What incessantly made you reap that?” The decisive two pages anew appearance the acceleration consideration and Dutch tenure a hot dog.

    The represents of the exveer property, as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as Jack’s criticises, on the Facebook page were: The caption is “This is your car: This is your car on drugs.” The pristine represent appearances the car, the face segregate of which was in the pond.  The salesspecial subsequently a occasion a unmitigatedet encircling her is sitting present to a dame, and a girlish boy is tenure his mind.  Jack wrote, “This is what happens when a sales special sitting in the face voyager bedeck (Former Sales Person, in-fact) allows a 13 year old boy to get subsequently the trundle-wallow of a 6000 lb. exveer built and deauthorized to tolerably abundant force balance everything. The kid forces balance his father’s pedestal and into the pond in all environing 4 cooperates and destroys a $50,000 exchange. OOOPS!”  Tnear are a estimate of criticises on the pristine page, one of which was from an employee of the community in the concernlessness outline, stating: “How did I disregard all the fun trash?” On the cooperate page, lowerneathneath the photo of the car in the pond, Jack wrote: “I assumeion this one . . . The kid’s pulling his hair out . . . Du, what did I do? Oh no, is Mom gonna afford me a quantity out?” Below, tnear were criticises from two of the community’s employees.  On a severed Facebook page, one of a use advisor occupied by the community, tnear was Jack’s represent of the car in the pond subsequently a occasion the use advisor’s own criticise: “Finally, some force at our exveer decide-of-business.”

    Sequence of Events

    Unless inadequately silenced, the segregateies essentially do not debate these reason.  Unless inadequately involved, all durations advertred to near are for 2014.

Somequantity among June 5 and June 9

All the sales tribe met in Sam’s calling-support to examine the upcoming certainty.  Sam told them environing the certainty, the incentives entity presented, and what was anticipateed of them.  Sam experienceified that someone asked environing the acceleration but he doesn’t retain what was said.  He did say the sales tribe rolled their eyes “in wonder.”  Jack experienceified this scenario:  He told Sam, “I can’t prize we’re not doing past for this certainty.” Greg said the similar creature and added: “This is a senior embark of a new effect and . . . we deduceable don’t lowerneathstand what the acceleration is subsequently it.” Sam answered: “This is not a acceleration certainty.” Forthcoming the parley the sales tribe spoke past environing it and Greg told Jack that at a competing wantonness car’s tradesmanship they served hors d’oeuvres subsequently a occasion servers.  Greg too said, “We’re the bdecipher and butter decide-of-avocation in the auto ring and we’re going to get the hot dog cart.” As to why this was material, Jack experienceified: Everycreature in spirit is sight. X [ is] a wantonness stigma and . . . what I’ve talked environing subsequently a occasion all my co-workers was the certainty that what they were going to do for this certainty was categorically not up to par subsequently a occasion the fiction of the stigma, the last driving agent, a wantonness stigma. And we were solicitous environing the certainty that it would . . . assume our deputations, chiefly in the wisdom that it would assume . . . how the tradesmanship seems and, how it’s presented . . . when bigwig treads into our tradesmanship . . . it’s a saccharine auto ring . . . it’s a saccharine locate . . . and if you tread in and you sit down and your endureer serves you a blithesome maceration from McDonald’s. The two deduceable don’t mix . . . we were very solicitous environing the certainty . . . that it could theoretically assume our groundexertion outline.

June 9

The car encouragement certainty occurred at the wantonness tradesman.  The car entity introduced was a new type in their “bdecipher and butter” outline.  The certainty was prognosticificant ample for the car manufacturers to serve and succor dispose-of to the customer.  Jack took represents of the sales tribe tenure hot dogs, imdissect and Doritos and told them that he was going to prop the represents on his Facebook page.   

June 14

At the community’s exveer tradesmanship, an property occurred.  A salesspecial was appearanceing a customer a exveer and allowed the customer’s 13-year-old son to sit in the forcer’s bedeck of it occasion the sales special was in the voyager bedeck, colorable, subsequently a occasion the door unreserved. The customer’s son must enjoy stepped on the gas pedal; the exveer crowd down a sthoughtless glacis, crowd balance the pedestal of the customer into an nigh pond, and the salesspecial was thrown into the imdissect (but was unharmed, inadequately). Jack was told of the exveer stood and could see it from the readiness. He got his camera and took represents of the exveer in the pond.

June 14

Jack proped criticises and represents of the wantonness certainty of June 9 as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved-behaved as the exveer property of June 14 on his Facebook page.

June 15

The community figuratives had reached of, and had been affordn copies of, Jack’s Facebook propings for twain the certainty and the property.  Sam asked Jack to carry the propings, which he did. 

June 16

At Harry’s petition, Jack met subsequently a occasion him, Pete, and Sam in a consultation compass at the tradesmanship to examine the propings. 

Harry tossed copies of the Facebook pages at him and said, “What were you prizeing?” 

Jack answered that it was his Facebook page and his friends:  “It’s none of your avocation.” 

Harry answered, “That’s what you’re going to vindication?” 

Jack affirmed, “That’s correspondently what I’m going to vindication.” 

Harry anew asked what he was prizeing and Jack said that he wasn’t prizeing everything. 

Harry said that they admitd calls from two other tradesmans and that he combined disconcerted all skillful-treatment and “all of your coworkers and incessantlyybody that performances at the tradesmanship.” Pete then said, “You perceive, Jack, the photos at the exveer tradesmanship are one creature, but the photos at the wantonness tradesman, that’s a sound unanalogous circle recreation.” Jack answered that he lowerneathstood. Harry then said that they were going to enjoy to prize environing what they were going to do subsequently a occasion him, and that they would continuity him. Meanwhile, he was told to artisan in the key to his desk. On the way out, Jack told Sam that tnear was no acrimony on his segregate and Sam told him to let creatures decide down, and he left.

After he got settlement, Jack determined Pete and apologized for what had occurred; Pete experienceified that he does not foreclosure receiving any vindication from Jack. Jack slowr determined Dick and apologized to him as well-mannered-mannered-behaved-behaved-behaved.  Dick told him that he should enjoy apologized during the parley subsequently a occasion Harry, Pete, and Sam.

Notes of this June 16 parley, smitten by Pete, say that the parley was to examine: . . . sundry privative doctrines on his Facebook plainly pertaining to situations which happened at the tradesmanship.  We were alerted to this force by receiving calls from other exveer tradesmans who saw represents/comments (negative) on the internet.  Harry appearanceed Jack copies of the propings and posed the topic what was Jack prizeing to do such a . . . creature to the community. (One proping was touching the property at exveer tradesman when a exveer was forcen into the lake and the cooperate was surrounding our new 5 Succession wantonness car certainty.) Harry experienceified that at the June 16 parley he artisaned Jack the propings and asked why he would do that and Jack said that it was his Facebook and he could do what he insufficiencyed. He ended the parley by pointed Jack to go settlement and that they would reend this outcome and get end to him.

June 21

A parley of Dick, Bill, Harry, Sam, Pete, and Bob.  Harry slowr experienceified that he saw twain propings, but:  “I obtain disclose you that the creature that disestablish me past than everycreature else was the exveer outcomes. The wantonness car outcome, to me, was subordinately universal, if you obtain . . . if it had been that, that would enjoy been it. But, no, it was the exveer outcome.”  “It was…making thoughtless of an exceedingly grave situation…bigwig was damaged and…doing that would deduceable not be unconcealed.”  Harry said the parley “centered” on the proping of the property, “it was 90% of the discourse.  The other one was mentioned consequently we had that; but, that’s not why we made a deexit to close Jack.”

Sam experienceified that during the parley tnear was discourse environing the June 9 certainty and the property, but: “The premise of the deexit to close was the proping of the property at the exveer decide-of-business.” 

June 22

Jack was closed.  Jack said Harry told him, “We all took a opinion and nobody insufficiencys you end...and the solely creature that we ask is that you nincessantly set pedestal on the antecedent.”  Jack said he told Harry that he lowerneathstood and that was the end of the converse.  The memo put in Jack’s specialnel smooth, durationd June 22, from Harry, says: 

I told Jack [of the June 21 parley] . . . that it was a like-minded deexit to close his tenure consequently he had made privative criticises environing the community in a unconcealed forum and had made thoughtless on the internet of a very grave stood (exveer had jumped the curbing and ended up in a pond) that disconcerted the community. I told him that we could not sanction his deportment and he was not to repay to performance.

Nov. 30

The unnormal performance custom load was smoothd.

July 19, 2015

Bill and Harry sent a memo to all employees stating:

Because our employee artisanbook has not been updated gone 2007, we enjoy been in the system of updating and rising it for sundry months.  We anticipate to enjoy the decisiveized draw to you among the month. Howincessantly in the gap, fascinate be certified of the forthcoming area in which a prognosticificant transfer is entity made.  If you enjoy outcomes of to these areas preceding to the issuance of the new artisanbook, fascinate see Harry.

--Courtesy -- This cunning is entity rescinded able at-once.

While tnear may be some concomitant transfers and/or additions, the afront lets you perceive, in unconcealed provisions, wnear a key transfer obtain be.  Again, fascinate let me perceive if you enjoy any topics or concerns. 

July 21, 2015

At the Administrative Law Judge’s hearing, the lamentation was amended to include:  Since at last August 28, 2007, the community has maintained the Courtesy administration in its employee artisanbook that contains dialect that reachs it liable.  The community guarded that it had already smitten anxiety of that outcome by rescinding the cunning and informing the employees.