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Continuum of Thrift Presentation

In an fanciful soundnessthrift endowment rule, all endurings would own admission to affordable, high-quality soundness services that are polite-mannered-mannered coordinated to secure the simultaneousness and comprehensiveness of thrift. In verity, endurings may own vastly contrariant tests inveterate on their soundness collection or impairment, the constructions that stipulate services halt to where they speed, and how the soundness services they want are financed.

Consider, for model, a 56-year-old man who has a hemorrhagic clap in a countrified area of Alaska. What services get he want through the period of his revival test? Where get he admit thrift? How get he pay for the services he wants? Now ponder encircling how his office jurisdiction assimilate after a while that of a 42-year-old dowager in Houston, Texas, who arrives at her annual gynecological exam after a while premonitions associated after a while ovarian cancer. How jurisdiction the two endurings’ tests assimilate in provisions of thrift coordination and the simultaneousness and comprehensiveness of services they admit?

For this Assignment, you get study the continuum of thrift a enduring may want and scrutiny the services conducive in your area to prop the enduring. You get transmit your findings in a compelling delivery and get use these findings in the Week 4 Discussion as polite-mannered.

To eliminate the conquering for your delivery, proceedings minute notes as you total the forthcoming steps:

  • Review the notice encircling the continuum of thrift and coordination floating different soundness services constructions in the Resources, including the HIMSS contrivance, Continuum of Care, and the tables in Chapter 1 of the plan passage.
  • Read the Week 3 Assignment Enduring Information, and excellent one provisionally enduring on which to convergence for this Assignment. Assume your excellented enduring speeds in your persomal area. If you are an interdiplomatic scholar, you may appropriate a geographic area in the United States or use your own precipitation.
  • Use the appertaining notice in Chapters 7, 8, 9, and/or 10 of the Shi and Singh plan passage and direct concomitant scrutiny of your own to irritate particular services your provisionally enduring jurisdiction want, rise after a while the onset or idiosyncrasy of an complaint or impairment and remotest after a while an end-point of your choosing (i.e., revival, premonition superintendence, end of vitality). Also scrutiny the types of constructions that stipulate those services.
  • Investigate the soundnessthrift constructions in your persomal area. Inveterate on the services your provisionally enduring wants, excellent three or impure explicit settings in which he/she would admit thrift.
  • Next, subjoin notice kindred to the types of security each construction accepts. Typically, this would embody Medicare, Medicaid, and different types of security programs. What questions kindred to cancelment for services do you obviate your excellented enduring may test?
  • Review the Institute for Healththrift Improvement (2014) contrivance and weigh what it instrument for soundnessthrift to be trustworthy, telling, enduring-centered, judicious, fertile, and reasonable. Inveterate on your provisionally enduring’s wants, irritate why administratives in soundnessthrift settings want to be sensible of the six Institute of Medicine Aims.

Next, ad to fashion your delivery using PowerPoint. Study the Presentation Guidelines and Tips and the Week 3 Assignment Template (twain are located in this week’s Resources).

The Assignment

Download and reserve the Week 3 Assignment Template. Use the template to fashion a brief and interesting PowerPoint delivery. Embody the forthcoming:

  • Title slide
  • Introduction slide
  • 5–7 conquering slides*
    • Describe the enduring you own excellented (including his or her soundness collection/injury) and demonstrate the geographic area where this enduring is located.
    • Analyze the continuum of thrift, including particular services the enduring may claim from three or impure explicit settings.
    • Describe a virtual question kindred to cancelment for services this enduring may withstand.
    • Explain why administratives in your excellented settings want to be sensible of the six Institute of Medicine Aims.
  • References slide
    • Include all contrivances (a incompleteness of 4) used to eliminate your delivery and prosper APA guidelines.

* Apply the guile principles embodyd in Presentation Guidelines and Tips to eliminate a administrative delivery. On your conquering slides, use a league of passage, photos, graphs, maps, links to websites, and/or other visual elements to transmit the notice. Fashion presenter notes of a few sentences to heed each slide in a way that props (rather than duplicates) the notice presented visually.


Week 3 Learning Resources

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