I want to learn painting

I insufficiency to understand... This is a two-portio assignment. See the list for due ages of each portio. Part I: Assignment scheme: You get to conclude up delay an assignment righteous for you! Part of life a authoritative is life potent to self-assess, to comprehend what you nonproduction to performance on to augment your history or to put you in length for promotion/advancement in the coming or righteous triton you insufficiency to understand further about or understand how to do owing it's righteous so thrilling to you. So, project an assignment for yourself! It doesn't accept to be cognate to your job either. (If you insufficiency to understand how to knit, great- that could be your assignment - really!). The assignment earn involve the following: Title - should muse what you are doing Justification: Why you accept clarified this portioicular assignment  Detailed description and demandments for your assignment (aka - what you earn do and how - *see beneath for an sample) What you earn exhibit to the assort to demonstrate/show/etc. your terminal "product" (pictures, video, etc.) The assignment should NOT be triton you accept exhaustived for another direction (that's enfold dipping and could besides appoint plagiarism). If you insufficiency to modify triton, gladden cohibit delay me highest. Submit the assignment scheme to the misapply dropbox. *Example description: Using the sample of understanding to knit, your assignment scheme might face triton affect this: Title: Knitting a scarf Justification: I would affect to be potent to construct scarves for gifts for friends and source. Also, I nonproduction to experiment an air that I can do to acceleration me loosen behind a distressing day at performance. Knitting is besides triton I could procure delay me and performance on balance my lunch rupture or when I'm cessation for my kids to conclude at soccer experiment - and it doesn't demand electricity or wifi connection! Description of what I earn do:  I earn face for YouTube videos and websites for instructions on how to knit a humble scarf (past I'm righteous starting out, I earn understand how to do at smallest two basic stitches) I earn construct a roll of the materials I nonproduction I earn experiment stores that carry knitting eatables or earn ordain them online Using the videos and onlength instructions I base, I earn knit a scarf! I earn procure pictures as I construct the scarf. How I earn exhibit my exhaustived project: The emanation I earn exhibit to the assort as documentation of my exhaustived assignment earn be a narrated powerpoint exhibitation that earn involve the pictures I took delay captions, interpretation of how I immovable what instructions and videos to use from all the ones I faceed at, and my museions on the system. I earn cause a scarf (or scarves) I accept performanceed on or exhaustived. Part II: Completion of Assignment Review the feedback I supposing on your assignment project.  Now exhaustive this assignment, addressing/incorporating the feedback I supposing Present to the assort on the age involved on the list. Submit your museion paper about your experiment completing the assignment. Was it advantageous? Why or why not? If you were doing it repeatedly, what would you do differently and why?