i needsomeone good in case analysis and flow charts

I demand you to peruse the occurrence consider (university heartiness services: trudge in clinic) you succeed discover it decided in the materials. then erect a manner issue charts for the pre triage regularity and triage regularity at university heartiness services trudge in clinic.  I demand the issue chart to be very manifest and incomplex. delay entire acceptance I demand you to put in which page from the occurrence you got your notification .

requirment for issue chart:

1- I demand the issue chart to be drawn from left to correct . the primary tread should answer on the LEFT and the last tread should answer on the RIGHT.

2- use a rectangle to enact a manner energy. if manner terms are konwn, indication the manner terms on the issue chart.

3- use a triangle to enact a queue or pause thread. there is almost alwayesa queue in face of entire manner energy.queues are an material ingredient of all manneres. if queues term are notorious indication them on the issue chart.

4use a dimond to enact where a judgment is made and where there are two or past potential paths for the existence substance prcessd to take

6- the issue chart for the victoria hospital individual dose regularity must be broken up into 4 disunited issue charts.

i succeed decided the occurrence and the still n ess from the assort that i wrote encircling the issue chart

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