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  Please flourish the directions for each assignment carefully!  Some achieve be prescribely as customary in the quantity suitableness others achieve own additional or contrariant instructions.  The instructions are registered below: Chapter 8:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 274, #4) Additional instructions:  Draw a map of the area including the instruct and the enclosing features.  Follow this format for developing your attainments experience:         Objective (goal):         Specific collective studies area (Refer to the strands/themes registered in the preparation of the quotation):         Description of the activity:         Accommodations for peculiar needs progeny:         Assessment: Chapter 10:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 319, #2) Additional instructions:  Include draws of twain give-ins.  Include a give-in from our truth that is not the prevalent give-in of the United States as well-mannered-mannered as a draw of the give-in from a contrariant state.  Be firm you interpret the symbols and colors for twain give-ins as interpreted in the quotationbook.  Answer all investigations for twain give-ins. Chapter 11:  Extend Your Knowledge (Page 335, #1) Additional instructions: Make firm you confabulation progeny from a Pre-K (filthy years old) not kindergarten (five year olds).  Decide on your register of investigations (insufficiency of ten, 10) antecedently you commence the confabulation and bring-encircling firm you sculpture those out antecedently you enter for the confabulation.  Follow a regular discourse instead of prescribely search haphazard investigations.  Remember that the investigation is encircling where we get consequence from.  For illustration, if you shortness to ask encircling habiliments, then bring-encircling firm all your investigations flourish a argumentative prescribe encircling habiliments.  Remember that you achieve so own investigations that commence as you confabulation the progeny.  Plan on spending environing 30 to 45 minutes after a while the progeny.  You may shortness to tape the treaty so you can advert to the tape to remind you of what the progeny said.  List your investigations (a insufficiency of ten, 10) and then a epitome passage of comments from the progeny for each investigation.  Follow this format:  question, passage.   Social Studies for the Preschool/Primary Child AuthorCarol Seefeldt; Sharon D. Castle; Renee Falconer ISBN978-0-13-286798-6