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   In sociology, it is considerable to know how to stir a gregarious total using the micro and macro analytic perspectives.  In an essay (1,500-2,000 suffrage) you obtain stir the total of polishedization.    What is the gregarious total?  In this exception of the essay, encapsulate the life of a gregarious total associated delay polishedization (e.g. polished force and “top down” city planning, air & water tendency, housing) Clearly delineate a topical total associated delay polishedization. What is the distance, mark and tyranny of this total? (Use your passage or other skilled sources to prop your title of the total.) Little condense the privative consequences of this total to communion as a unimpaired and/or to topical groups of inhabitants. Why is it considerable to know and oration this gregarious total? Why qualify the status quo?   2. Longing of Qualify and Goal Clarification  What is the envisioned qualify as it relates to the gregarious total of Urbanization? In this exception of the essay, little delineate what things would “look like” if the Urbanization were effectively orationed, minimized, eliminated, or if interruption steps were charmed to lighten worthless consequences of the total. What are topical goals to end the desired qualify (e.g., touchstone and utensil topical programs to oration and impoverish the total). Who stands to fashion or endanger if the envisioned qualify is realized?    3. Unadorned Background and Current Conditions  What contextual factors swing this gregarious total?  In this exception of the essay, little delineate two contextual factors that keep swingd this gregarious total (e.g., unadorned, economic, cultural, structural, or technological factors). (Use the passage or other skilled sources to prop your argument of contextual factors influencing the total).  Select TWO of the sociological theories (functionalist assumption, engagement assumption, symbolic interactionist assumption) to little decipher this gregarious total, given the contextual conditions you keep signed. Use one assumption associated delay MACRO separation, and one assumption associated delay MICRO separation to decipher the total.    4. Possible Directions to End Desired Change  What is needed to end the longing of qualify and oration the signed gregarious total?    5. Future Prospects: Suggested Strategies to Lighten the Problem