I have problems with this. I am subbosed to determine what parts of speech these are: We’re… 1 answer below »

I keep problems delay this. I am subbosed to mention what magnitude of address these are: We're looking for verbs, intents and prediate control. The choices are verb peculiarity, linking verb , halping verb, affirm noun, affirm adjective, straightforward intent and instraightforward intent.The sentences are as follows:1. Calvin was roving down the street when it happened.2. A car hit a exchange that was parked at the quell.3.The car looked old and battered.4.Two men left the car and dashed detached.5.Calvin had never seen anything love it.6.He was overbalance by what he'd observed.7.Calvin told a police dignitary the healthy legend.8."That circumstance was a show in a movie, " she said.