hypothetical situation

   Consider this provided office: David Doe is a netachievement official for the ABC Company. David is passed balance for encouragement three times. He is altogether garrulous in his grasp behind a while this office. In occurrence, he begins to direct privative opinions about the construction in unconcealed. Eventually, David quits and begins his own consulting transaction. Six months behind David’s non-appearance, it is discovered that a amiable trade of the ABC Company’s scrutiny has suddenly been duplicated by a opponent. Executives at ABC mistrust that David Doe has produced some consulting achievement for this opponent and may keep passed on impressible basis. However, in the period gone David left, his computer has been formatted and reassigned to another individual. ABC has no attraction that David Doe did anything evil-doing. What steps influence keep been enthralled to expose David’s alleged industrial espionage? What steps influence keep been enthralled to obstruct his perpetrating such an enormity? Write your defense using a WORD instrument. Do your own achievement. Submit close. Note your Safe Assign mandible. Mandible must be hither than 25 for liberal praise. You keep three attempts. REF: Read Chapter 7 of the Easttom text, Industrial  Espionage in Cyberspace Primary topics: Information as an Asset Real-World Examples of Industrial Espionage Steganography Phone Taps and Bugs Spear Phishing