Hypothetical Company

Hypothetical Company: M/s. Amber Holdings Limited. The order is an rebellious Hotel tie possessor, untrammelled a tie of hotels for the average dispose empirepolicy vacationer. The ties contain of paltry hotels after a while no over then 20 rooms at best. Ideally located adjacent scenic locations at paltry towns, extend throughout the United States. The order too specializes in the supply of trip direction and offers services relish car rentals and tramp security through third face collaborations. Mission Statement: The order has the aftercited mission statement “To personate our role towards an environmentally well-inclined vacationing disruption by befitting the primeval valuable provider of hotel assets to vacationers wishing to reconnect after a while the empire policy “ Potential Foreign Markets: The order wishes to invade the Canadian Market. For this mind, it has at its classification the aftercited two techniques of bargain entry: Þ    Organic Expansion. Þ    Takeover a paltry Canadian empirepolicy hotel tie named Countrypolicy Resorts.