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Discussion: Adaptation Goals and Objectives for Your Grant

A motive is a unconcealed declaration of what you trust to complete delay your give. In give adaptation, there are 2-5 motives. Goals are coarse unconcealedizations and are unembodied, not measurable. Each motive is encircling the effect or impacts your give-funded soundness command program is going to complete. In your motives, you scantiness to grasp the eye of the give reviewers. Your motives must loop tail to your needs declaration.

An external is at-once tied to the motive the give seeker is enigmatical to close through give funding opportunities. Objectives are very targeted and enclose the effect(s) that allure aid complete the motive the external addresses. In give adaptation, SMART external adaptation contact should constantly engage. SMART stands for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-phased. There should be 2-5 externals for each motive, and there should be sufficient externals to complete the motive.  

Below is an illustration motive and an external for a motive.

Goal #1: Growth substantial vital-force in posterity and their parents in Wilmington, Delaware through the “Walking for Life” soundness command program.

Objective 1A: At the end of the earliest six months of the “Walking for Life” soundness command program, 100 parents and their posterity allure growth their daily substantial vital-force to walking at meanest one mile.
For this week’s argument consultation, you allure be sharing your soundness command program’s needs declaration, two motives, and two externals. Enassured all size of the posting are aligned to guidelines and requirements contained in the RFP.

Post the forthcoming:
  • Your Needs Statement, Goals and Objectives.

Please use the forthcoming templates to expand your motives and externals.

To expand a goal, use the template under and stuff in the blanks and make a sentence:

(Increase or curtail)


(in whom)


(in the call of your soundness command program).

To expand SMART externals, use the template under and stuff in the blanks and make a sentence:

WHEN—Time bound


from _____________________ to __________________________.
MEASURE delay a compute, scold, percentage of shift, or baseline—Measurable

Be assured to aid your decomposition and conclusions delay citations and references in APA format from the Learning Resources and your own discovery.

**This needs to written encircling ADHD/Dyslexia for posterity to adults