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Assignment Instructions

Week 2: Assignment

Course Objective:
Professionally interact delay correlative students or interest managers to imbibe skills indispensable for  entrepreneurial consummation.
Analyze risks imminent in owning a interest.

In week 1 you influenceed your principal meeting delay a fine-interest owner/manager.  This week you achieve entire a succor meeting delay the entrepreneur/manager and dissuccession the ongoing braves the interest has countenanced in the late, is currently oppositeness, and achieve remain to countenance in the coming.   Start your week by revisaling your meeting transfer-up from definite week.  The open direct trudge, cosmical you did this definite week, is to set up a duration and duration when you may influence this succor meeting.  Next, as you did definite week, cause an meeting draft to use. As this week's convergence is on "ongoing braves," found your meeting draft about late, introduce, and coming braves the interest has, is, and achieve countenance.  Feel easy to diversify this draft, but close is one way to start:

  • Areas of brave to a fine-interest (tclose amply could be various more):
  • Human media akin (skills, concavity, turnover) 
  • Related to rivalry (increased, lax, larger, e-commerce)
  • pricing akin (international, out of set-forth, or new adversary installed)
  • Hindrances to enlargement (people, financing, rivalry)
  • Services akin (delivery, dispense constraints, catalogue)
  • Product akin (effect evolvement, competitiveness or availability from creator, or entrance issues)
  • Asset or Financing akin
  • Inventory
  • Legal, regulatory, or license related

As you imbibeed definite week, the key to a cheerful meeting is provision, using open-ended questions (as contrariant to yes-no questions), and exercising cheerful listening skills.  This succession achieve be a brave to your duration administration skills.  Tclose is a lot to hide this week, including a argument Forum and reading materials on fine interest braves in the Reading & Resource section.

As you did definite week, transfer up your notes or transfer your recordings into a truth and introduce your findings and conclusions in a argumentative style.  Your truth should be a reserve of 5 pages.  One feasible form may be as follows:

  • Section 1 - Late and Introduce Challenges Faced by the Entrepreneur
  • Section 2 - Coming Challenges that Could Affect the viability of the interest
  • Section 3 - Your conclusions and insights respecting the braves this crew may countenance in the coming.  

Your tract should be in APA format. Finalize and resign your ment by Sunday midnight.

Grading Rubric:
A rubric is supposing close for your opportunity that details how this assignment achieve be graded.  Please revisal it carefully preceding to resignting your achievement.