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Discussions are grounded on Chapters 11-12. You must column precedently spectacle replies. Your answers are due by Thursday. After that, you accomplish be assigned two columns to critique and accord after a while your comments by Sunday. We compute ticklish thinking, and allow circumstantial critiques that yield insights to the focal topics.

Question 1: Chapter 11 covers distinct topics that should be orationed by employee counseling and intercession. Given the general achievement environment, which of these topics should be the guidance for the HRD of an form to oration and checkmate? Elaborate your impulse.

Question 2: Using your attainments of the stages of estate and race outgrowth, interpret how the race issues of a 27-year-old dispute from those of a 45-year-old. What are the formal implications of the issues you identified?

Question 3: Comrade coaching is characterized by similar foothold of partners, centre on single and professional outgrowth of twain comrades, and integration of thought and manner (Parker, Hall, & Kram, 2008). Have you had any habit or observations on comrade coaching? Interpret your intelligence of the pros and cons of this comrade coaching as a manner for ethnical wealth outgrowth.


Book ethnical wealth dev 7th edition by Warner