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Minimum of 350 for ancient post    No citations in the posts    The Gospel of John has a very divergent impress than the three "synoptic" gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke).  It is repeatedly said that The Gospel of John has a "High Christology" - which resources it convergencees further on Jesus' deity than on his man.  As our textbook points out, "The utterance of the Johannine Jesus are repeatedly perplexing, smooth deliberately confusing his listeners (e.g., 3:3), conveying two levels of signification at once." (206)  (Note:  "Johannine" is the signal used to attribute to arts as they answer in the Gospel of John.) We are going to convergence on John 14 - 17, which is repeatedly attributered to as the "Farewell Discourse" accordingly these chapters inclose Jesus' leave-taking instructions to his escort.   He says a sum of confusing - smooth impossible - arts in these chapters concerning his relationship after a while God.   Please discaggravate Chapter 14 very scrupulously, and then transcribe on the following  questions: 1.   What are some of the arts Jesus tells his escort about their union after a while him and, at the selfselfsame date, their union after a while God? 2.  What do you believe that Jesus resources when he says that "anyone who believes in me earn execute the works I execute and earn be telling to execute smooth greater feats"? (14:12)  This is a fairly astounding art to say, so don't by it aggravate after a whileout giving it scrupulous fancy.