Hsa525 – week 7 exercises

·  Assignment Exercises 15-1, 15-2, 15-3, and 15-4 on pages 494 thunpolished 495 


·  Assignment Exercises 16-1 on page 497



Assignment Exercise 15–1: Budgeting

Select an structure: either from the Case Studies in Chapters 27–28 or from one of the Mini-Case Studies in Chapters 29–31.


1. Using the structure clarified, engender a budget for the proximate fiscal year. Set out the components of all assumptions you needed in ordain to raise this budget.

2. Use the “Checklist for Building a Budget” (Exhibit 15–2) and elegancy your own budget.


Assignment Exercise 15–2: Budgeting

Find an tangible budget from a published fount. Component should be abundant abundance to exhibit a defy.


1. Using the tangible budget, engender a new budget for the proximate fiscal year. Set out the components of all the assumptions you needed in ordain to raise this budget.

2. Use the “Checklist for Building a Budget” (Exhibit 15–2) and elegancy your own attempt.

3. Use the “Checklist for Reviewing a Budget” (Exhibit 15–3) and elegancy the tangible budget.

Assignment Exercise 15–3: Transactions Outside the Untrammelled Budget


Review Figure 15–2 and the akin quotation.

Metropolis Health Plan (MHS) has ordinary a wellness concede from the placable arm of an area electronics troop. The concede accomplish run for 24 months, commencement at the principal of the proximate fiscal year. Two therapists and two registered nurses accomplish each be spending half of their spell agoing on the wellness concede. All four individuals are full-spell employees of MHS. The electronics troop has simply recently begun to feel-effect the placable structure that awarded the concede. While they feel compeled all the constitutional approvals indispensable, they feel not yet supposing the manuals and instructions for concede transactions that MHS usually receives when concedes are awarded. Consequently, control environing severed accounting is not yet subjoined from the concedeor.




How would you wield this end on the MHS untrammelled budget for proximate year?


Assignment Exercise 15–4: Attested Versus Allocated Costs in Budgeting

Review Figure 15–3 and the akin quotation.


Metropolis Health Plan is preparing for a indicative upgrade in twain hardware and software for its advice plans. As divorce of the scheme, the Chief of Advice Operations (CIO) has implied that the Advice Systems (IS) employment can exexveer the format of the MHS untrammelled budgets and akin rumors antecedently the untrammelled budget is constrained for the future fiscal year. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) has desire wanted to dissimilate what costs are attested and what costs are allocated (adesire delay the mode of allocation). This is a fortunate convenience to do so. To compel treasure for the exchange, the CFO is preparing to inaugurate a scan. The scan accomplish succeed a multiformity of suggestions for immanent exchanges in allocation modes for the new untrammelled budget rumor formats. You feel been clarified as one of the employees who accomplish be scaned.



You may pick-out your role for this assignment, as follows:


Refer to the “MHS Executive-Level Structure Chart” (Figure 28–2 in the MHS Case Study). (1) Either (a) pick-out any fashion of unrepining benefit that would be subordinate the

direction of the Senior Vice President of Benefit Delivery Operations or (b) pick-out any other employment shown on the structure chart. (Your employment could be a unimpaired employment or a resistance or individual of that employment. For illustration, you ability pick-out Community Outreach or Human Resources Operations or the Emergency employment, etc.) (2) Fabricate up your own structure chart for other employee levels delayin the employment you feel separated. (3) Now fabricate up another chart that indicates the untrammelled budget costs you ponder would be in-great-measure identifiable for the employment or individual or resistance you feel separated and what other untrammelled budget costs you ponder would be in-great-measure allocated to it. (You may use Figure 15–3 as a unpolished manage, but do not let it season your intellect. Model the component on your “identifiable versus allocated costs” chart behind a existent employment if you so pick-out.) Use MHS hospital statistics shown in Exhibit 28–8 of the MHS Case Study as a premise for allocation if these statistics are beneficial. If they are not, fabricate a silence of what other statistics you would love to feel.



Note: As an choice arrival, you may pick-out a employment from the “Nursing Practice and Administration Structure Chart” as shown in Figure 28–1 of the MHS Case Study instead of choosing from the Executive-Level Structure Chart.


Assignment Exercise 16–1: Principal Payment Proposals

Ted Jones, the Surgery Individual Director, is environing to pick-out his policy for creating a principal payment funding offer for the future year. Ted’s individual needs further interval. The Surgery Individual is exoteric at aggravate 90% faculty. In conjunction, a extended cardiology surgeon on staff at the hospital wants to engender a new cardiac surgery program that would demand abundant funding for further interval and for new state-of-the-art equipment. The surgeon has been campaigning delay the hospital board members.



What should Ted career to ask for? How should he go environing crafting a policy to vindicate his solicit, fond the hospital’s new scoring plan?