Hsa 520 final exam part 1 ( latest version………….

1) An knowledge-inquiring amelioration has transparent: 

•knowledge clue.

•Core values.

•plain reports.

•accounting and finances.

2) Emerging trends that are promising vigorprudence constabularys to behove prudenceful in developing innovative, integrative, and cost-beneficial HMIS solutions involve: 

•wireless, user-friendly portables.

•tape recordings.

•X-ray films.

•accessible history

3) An knowledge-clue amelioration ensures:

•precarious knowledge environing due processes.

•sharing of insights gratuitously and encourages employees to collaborate.

•sensitivity for concealment.

•giving up the command of potent others.

4) The genesis of Vigor Skill Knowledge Systems (HMIS) goes tail to the roots of compact areas, including: 

•computing concealment.

•knowledge economics

•multidimensional basis sets.

•medical policies.

5) The constabulary who superintends the financing office, budgeting, and funding of the vigor labors structure’s untrammelled programs is the: 





6) Question 6

Effective message is vital for forming all kinds of result correlativenesss, chiefly for: 

•delivering one-sided, supervisor to secondary, message.

•telling table members what is going to bechance.

•providing disentangled, secure independent mandate.

•building secure collective networks incomplete key stakeholders.

Question 7

As a reliable guide, the important constabulary must accept the dominion to: 

•exude reliance from their plain reports and selfcorresponding pomp.

•develop a "top-down" resulting correlativeness after a while pomp.

•articulate how or why assured things are or are not substance manufactured after a whileout explanations.

•dictate to others on how to direct their space.

 Question 8

•In a vigorprudence labors structureal matter, the band-arms, goals, and objectives of the vigor structure particularize how: 

•to evaluate attested basis.

•to authenticate the exactness of amassed vigorprudence knowledge.

•HMIS should be incorporated throughout an structure.

•to netresult computer orders and officeal tasks.

Question 9

The role of the CEO or CIO to superintend the use of HMIS in any vigorprudence labors structure requires that the singular has been adapted and has habit and mastered a assured set of: 

•rules and laws.

•strategic, tactical, and operational IT competencies.

•department goals and strategies.

•efficient duty processes.

Question 10

Within the matter of vigorprudence labors structures, there are multifarious published examples of Internet use, including: 

•PowerPoint presentations.

•similarity to online prophylactic labor basis.

•similarity to identical security scores.

•final reports plain in ACCESS.

Question 11

The 2006 Pew Internet and American Life Contrivance review plant that the forthcoming users pursue vigor knowledge online in the United States: 

•1 of 10

•5 of 10

•8 of 10

•10 of 10

Question 12

The digital dissect stands to affect: 


•vigor character.

•myriad online activities.

•knowledge associations.

Question 13

URL stands for: 

•uniform relocation lab.

•all expedients locators.

•uniform restructuring link

•usdominion relocation link

Question 14

Customer correlativeness directment (CRM) software must be purposed after a while the forthcoming in intellect. 

•An in-depth acknowledgment of its customers' particular insufficiencys.

•Strategic message is for unanalogous models of software.

•Enhancement of solid programs and labors.

•Creative labors that would journey and discharge the structureal long-term goals.

Question 15

SCM ensures preparedly helpful similarity to: 

•manage tracking.

•return on boarding (ROI).

•vigor defence structures (HMOs).

•ask-for printing. 

Question 16

The important goals of furnish compact directment (SCM) are: 

•to close extensiond efficiencies after a while respect to knowledge flows and exchanges unmoulded the structure and its exterior parties.

•to indemnify the insufficiency for economies of flake.

•to extension the capacity of daily purchasing.

•to lessen efficiencies after a while respect to knowledge flows and exchanges.

Question 17

Existing ERP packages involve: 





Question 18

For habit directment orders delivered from privy vigorprudence structures and hospitals, electronic billing and resigned scheduling are substance plain for compact benefits, including: 

•keeping manual follow-up procedures.

•reducing, or haply eliminating, all paper-naturalized forms for which vigorprudence labors structures are chiefly delicate.

•extension the achievement of billing/coding.

•eliminating electronic manage processing 

Question 19

Issues that may commence after a while a RHINO setup love the Mayo Clinic's involve problems after a while: 

•maintaining disunited processes as previously plain.

•using prophylactic companies to able-bodied out problems.

•difficulties after a while resigneds.

•basis shadowing and the insufficiency for creating interfaces to tell incomplete unequal platforms and software.

 Question 20

One of the recognized goals of HL7 collaboration is to: 

•develop consistent, extendable standards that enjoin structured, encoded vigorprudence knowledge of the model required to prop resigned prudence.

•sustain interoperability

•enhance solid programs and labors.

•create labors that would journey and dischargel the structureal long-term goals.

 Question 21

Consolidation, sometimes purported as a “market-sheltering activity” occurs when: 

•the mediate processing part (CPU) of a computer is shared.

•the program instructions and basis prepares the CPU after a while a resulting storage area.

•two or further approximate vigorprudence labors structures connect to enhance or spare trade command.

•read-only perpetuation (ROM) is shared. 

Question 22

EHR procure be one of the most rich contrivance expenditures that a vigorprudence labors structure procure embark, after a while respect to the boardings of space and coin and the subordinate investigate of profits on boardings (ROI). This is due to: 

•the sensation of the profits to be realized from an EHR implementation sediment a affair for multifarious vigorprudence constabularys.

•the program instructions prepare the CPU after a while a resulting storage area.

•two or further approximate vigorprudence labors structures connect to enhance or spare trade command.

•read-only perpetuation (ROM) is shared. 

Question 23

When connectd after a while multitudinous other resultflow tools, computerized physician manage entrance (CPOE) can as-well be adapted in providing knowledge environing: 

•manual follow-up procedures.

•reducing paper-naturalized forms.

•resigned scheduling.

•eliminating electronic mandate.

Question 24

Three categories of vigorprudence basis are required, almost allly, by vigorprudence labors structures for proping their planning and decision-making activities, and one of these is: 

•vital statistics.

•environmental statistics.

•census statistics.

•consensus statistics. 

Question 25

Substantial administrative and clinical benefits can be closed, should a all EHR order be finally realized and these involve: 

•increased paperwork.

•greater documentation errors.

•easy dissemination of precarious resigned knowledge to other prudence preparers for follow-up assessments.

•extremely late similarityibility of resigned history allly. 

Question 26

Language interoperdominion investigates involve: 

•untrammelled order interoperability.

•semantic differences.

•basis stored in unanalogous basisbase platforms such as Microsoft SQL server.

•unanalogous HMIS accept been purposed and plain by unanalogous IT preparers. 

Question 27

WSIHIS prepares user interfaces that prepare: 

•encapsulated duty logic in a shared average ordination.

•basis cognate to resigneds' medical features and knowledge environing the journey and foundation of matter.

•medical gratified generated dynamically naturalized on a particular resigned's medical feature.

•client applications that procure similarity the corresponding average ordination.

 Question 28

Technically, most give orders were plain using unanalogous languages such as: 

•Java or Visual Basic.

•Linux untrammelled orders (OS).

•Microsoft SQL server.

•Macintosh untrammelled orders (OS). 

Question 29

In the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, growing ask-fors for vigor prudence due to an aging population and the lateing down in death scold incomplete older adults balance the latest few decades accept led to: 

•an extension in non-profit structures.

•less insufficiency for sensor-naturalized monitoring.

•further augmentation and outgrowth of ductile vigor prudence.

•less ask-for for medical devices. 

Question 30

Core offices of WSIHIS are naturalized on unanalogous Web labors, including: 

•standardization labor.

•the Nursing Assignment labor.

•census statistics labor.

•implementation labor.