Hrmt407 week 3 forum | Human Resource Management homework help

Week 3 Forum: Many employers use conscientiousness and sameness examinations but some of these bear been challenged in courts. One specimen is where the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that Rent-a-Center's use of the MMPI sameness examination probably prevented mentally challenged individuals from getting advancements in the sodality. Shortly behind this predominant, Jeannine Cruz sued the Louisiana State Police claiming that she was discriminated despite domiciled on sex consequently her accounts on sundry holding examinations (including the MMPI) were not excellent abundance to empower advancement to a trooper columnure. In certainty, her execution on the examinations involved that she was a petitioner for "sexual misconduct" and "chemical dependency/" She claimed in her aid that the examinations utilized are not spotnear to women consequently men incline to account over categorically than do women. Some experts gard that alike lawsuits can be expected domiciled on the Rent-a-Center condition if companies do not detail the examination full to local job full.

Questions for Discussion:
1. Do you gard employers should use conscientiousness and sameness examinations to create recruiting and advancement decisions? Why or why not?
2. Can you gard of some jobs where conscientiousness and sameness examinations force be over embezzle than for other jobs? Give your rationale.
3. Do you gard companies earn use over or near conscientiousness and sameness examinations in the proximate five years? Why?

Instructions: Your moderate column should be at lowest 250 language.