Hrm employment law questions – due in 3 hrs

1.  What are the crusty to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act that grant mistresss to bung employees e-mail messages?


2.  Andreas is offered a new position, but is required by his mistress to presage an concord stating that he achieve not couple a conjunction or hire in conjunction morals as a circumstances of tenure. Andreas is not spirited in coupleing a conjunction and so he voluntarily presages the concord. Is this lawful?


3.  What is the PBGC and what is its point?


4.  ACME Order is confrontment a layoff due to a lazy down in the common rule. They can spare capital by replacing the older laborers who are achieveing to do the similar labor for an entry-level stipend. What must ACME do to bar nature in deflection of ADEA?


5.  Jarrett Fuller has labored as the corporate ruler for ACME Corporation for the late 15 years. Jarrett is 65. Jarrett receives a minute from the order principal informing him that it is era to secede and that his ultimate day achieve be in two weeks. Jarrett is not opportune to secede and believes that he cannot be firm to secede. Is he amend?             


6.  What are the mistress’s obligations subordinate FCRA?             


7.  Subordinate the Fair Labor Standards Act, decipher whether the forthcoming employees would be entitled to balanceera pay, and why.

a) The CEO of a separate held order who makes balance $100K/year.
b) An ambulance laborer who labors impure 10-hour days a week (M-Th), and is on flatter entire other weekend from Friday - Sunday. During the on flatter era, the laborer must heave a pager and be free to rejoin among 15 minutes to any flatters.
c) An 18-year old, haughty train graduate, who labors at Dairy Queen 45 hours a week.         


8.  Bruce Wayne routinely participates in activities such as skydiving, cast climbing, and bungee jumping. His mistress told him to bung the activities or they would annul his soundness prophylactic. Bruce's soundness prophylactic was annulled behind an time appeared in the monograph haughtylighting his dangerous morals mode. Bruce sued. Does he own a plight?             


9.  Common rise insight is prohibited opposite a job suppliant or employee.  Besides conscious opposite the job suppliant or employee undeviatingly, how else potentiality common rise insight appear so that the job suppliant or employee would own a arrogation?