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Case Assignment Project Description

HRM 6623 – Luxuriance and Development of Human Resources

Requirements:  Analytical Project/Research Disquisition (APRP)

“A. P. Moller – Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives”

An analytical project/lore disquisition (APRP) focused on developing a Leadership Development luxuriance program for Moller & Maersk (M&M) Group fulfills the lore content for this career. The liberal passage of the circumstance can be establish at circumstance con-over address -  "A.P. Moller - Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives" (Harvard Business School - #9-412-147).

The APRP is an separate (not team) assignment. The protraction of this disquisition cannot achieve 10 pages, not including prevenient pages (secure page, appendices, and references).

Go to to path this circumstance from Harvard 

 The termination of this assignment is a written report/lore disquisition.  To succor you after a while this assignment, Appendix A provides a roll of functional journals and periodicals.  Bibliographies and web sites are also included in your passage. You are to use 5 references to food your disquisition. Include these in your Reference individuality.