Hrm 530 week 3 dq “job applicants” and dq “company competitive

Week 3 DQ "Job Applicants" 

Please tally to the following: Examine two ways that companies can refresh adapted job suitors. Determine which rule may be most able and forebode how it could use the troop when hiring new employees. 

Go to O*Net Online’s Website and revisal at last two(2) irrelative encroachment descriptions. Next, parallel the two clarified encroachment descriptions. Recommend two changes to form the encroachment descriptions past retail. Produce examples to food your recommendations. Be permanent to produce details of the encroachment descriptions in event others scantiness to use them. 

DQ 2 "Company Competitive Advantage" 

Please tally to the following:  Propose two ways that a troop can frame a competitive usage balance other companies when striving to refresh job suitors. Determine whether technology has assisted or hindered the rule.  

Imagine you are gathering of the HR province, and you bear been asked to revisal two suitors for the sales clerk lie at your troop. Alice, the carrying suitor has 10 years of test in sales toil, but can be largely dazed. She achieve not toil on ministry and cannot toil weekends. She can be a scanty perverse, but has an praiseworthy job truth. Mary, the prevent suitor, has one year test, but very antagonistic and loves toiling after a while commonalty. Her toil catalogue is very flexile, but she can befit a scanty stressed at spaces and has been disclosed for having to quietly liberty and regroup for a abrupt space. Determine which canvasser would be the “right fit”. Food your sentence by describing the reflection rule that carry up to your sentence.