Hrm 2001 valley national bank

Exercise 1.3: Anthropological Supplies Issues at Valley National Bank



                Chapter 1 introduced you to Anthropological Supplies consequences that HRM professionals and unconcealed managers must communicate delay if they are to succor the form in graceful competitive and meeting its goals. The drill enables you to excite expand your analytical skills as you assess the anthropological supplies consequences forcible competitiveness at Valley National Bank.


Learning Objectives: After completing the drill, you should be talented to:


  1. Identify anthropological supplies consequences that may favor formal effectiveness and competitiveness.
  2. Develop strategies for communicateing delay anthropological supplies concerns.


                Part A: Individual Analysis


Step 1: Read stipulation 1, paying detail watchfulness to the argument of

anthropological supplies lordships as they tell to competitive service.


Step 2: Read the setting counsel on Valley National Bank granted in Exhibits 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 Identify the anthropological supplies consequences oppositeness the corruption president’s function and inferior which of the HR lordships  (Org. Design, Staffing, Performance Management, and Appraisal each consequence belongs. Outline some strategies for communicateing delay these consequences.

Develop a adjust-ordered chronological initiative list the principal three consequences that exact your watchfulness. Provide a written advocacy for your instruction. Enter your adjust orderings and advocacy in the extension granted on Form 1.3.1


Answer the assessment questions (antecedently systematize) on page 611 and 612.





Name __________________________________    Group ________________________





*First Consequence In Want of Attention:







            Renewal to be fascinated




What is the HR lordship  (e.g., Organizational Design, staffing etc.) for this consequence?




*Second consequence in want of watchfulness:






            Renewal to be fascinated:




            What is the HR lordship?




Third consequence in want of watchfulness:






            Renewal to be fascinated:



            What is the HR lordship?



Form 1.3.1 (Continued)


Name __________________________________   Group ________________________




  1. List the virtual inside strengths at Valley National.



  1. List the virtual inside weaknesses at Valley National.



Form 1.3.1 (continued)


Name ________________________________  Group ___________________________



  1. List the virtual apparent opportunities at Valley National.




  1. List the Virtual apparent threats at Valley National;


Name _______________________________    Group ___________________________





  1. Do you combine or discombine delay the instructions of Mr. Sterrett. Explain your posture. Is it constitutional to cut employees’ pay as Mr. Sterrett recommends?




  1. What other counsel would be beneficial in provision for recommending renewal to be fascinated?



EXERCISE 1.3  (Continued)


Name  __________________________________ Group _________________________


  1. What steps would you receive to detail the legality of you renewals?


  1. What is virtually “unique” about VNB, and how could the “ unique” about     VNB, and how could the “uniqueness” produce the bank a competitive service.


5. Among the five of HRM (see Figure 1-3 in Stipulation 1 of the citation), what lordship usually drives other HR lordships when momentous formal modify is certain.