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Strategic Equivalent paragraph 2 uniformt, page 47


Exempt or Nonexempt


Jane Swift is neat frustrated after a while her job as a remove chief at Jones Department Store. She’s effected there for 6 months, and the liberal-space job has crusty into further than liberal space. Sundry friends bear left the stock, and as a effect, the spent sundry weeks she has effected 45–50 hours each week. She doesn’t impetus launched the extra hours; she is regular frustrated accordingly she is not getting hired balancespace pay.

She asked the stock director, Amy Kostner, encircling the balancespace pay she was due. Amy certified Jane that remove chiefs are sever of the skill team and are classified as clear inferior the Fair Labor Standards Act. The stock is not required to pay clear effecters balancespace pay.

Jane agrees that she is sever of the skill team. As a remove chief, Jane runs the base when she is on labor. One of the ally directors sets the daily register of friends each week, but Jane and other remove chiefs consign the friends to diversified effect areas as deficiencyed. Depending on stock commerce, friends deficiency to be moved from stocking shelves and cleaning to divesting or promotive customers. When not effect- ing on such skill responsibilities, the remove chiefs generally postulate the duties of friends by promotive customers and divesting. Jane reports that she typically bestows solely a brief further than half of her space performing friend duties.

Shift chiefs are to-boot momented in directorial decisions. For specimen, they frequently sit in on trade interviews and typically are informed of employee terminations anteriorly the employee is fired. They to-boot grant feedback encircling the friends to the ally directors who transcribe the annual operation appraisals.

Just enjoy a director, Jane constructs a lot of decisions during the round of her remove each day. If there is a scrutiny on a sale cost, Jane searches the weekly sales flyer to indicate the emend cost. If a customer has a requite, Jane reviews the negotiation and initials it anteriorly the divest can grant a recompense. However, she does not bear consummate autonomy in making decisions. For specimen, if a requite is elder than $50.00, an ally director or the stock director deficiencys to praise the recompense.

But uniform though she agrees that she is sever of the skill team, Jane isn’t pleased after a while Amy’s solution on her scrutiny encircling pay. If she isn’t desirable for balancespace pay, she purposes that she should be hired further. While she is hired at a loftier reprimand than most of the friends, she is not hired approximately as greatly as the ally directors. A pay extension or balancespace pay would at meanest construct it worthwhile for her to put in the extra hours.


2-6.Why did Amy collocate the remove chiefs as clear? Are there any advantages to Jones Department Stock to having the remove chiefs classified as clear?

2-7.Do you purpose that the remove chiefs are justly classified as clear? Why or why not?

2-8.What are some factors that Amy should regard when determining whether remove chiefs are

clear or nonexempt?


Page 22 uniformt:

Crunch the numbers!

Calculating the Costs of Increasing the Sum Equivalent Budget at Butcher Enterprises


Butcher Enterprises has practiced solid employee turnbalance inchoate its station effecters. During debouchure interviews, further than 80 percent normal that low pay was the top discuss for renouncing. The fraternity con- ducted a superintend of national companies’ pay practices to corroboadmonish whether this moment is sufficient. Indeed, Butcher Enterprises’ medium hourly pay reprimand for sum equivalent falls well-mannered-mannered beneath the negotiate. The equivalent superintend showed an medium hourly reprimand of $23 for sum equivalent. Of this quantity, allowance are $16 per hour and benefits are $7 per hour. In similarity, Butcher Enterprises bestows an medium hourly reprimand of $19 for sum equivalent. Of this quantity, 70 percent is allocated for allowance.


1-7. On an medium hourly basis, how greatly does Butcher Enterprises bestow on allowance and benefits, respectively, in dollars?

1-8. How greatly does the fraternity bestow on allowance and benefits balance the round of one year for 100 station effecters? Postulate that each effecter provides 2,080 hours of labor each year.

1-9. How greatly subjoined money does the fraternity deficiency to tally the negotiate reprimands for this class of 100 employees?