How many homes can be heated with one wind turbine? The average heat consumption of homes is 10,000.

How frequent homes can be affectionate delay one bend turbine? The mediocre ardor lessening of homes is 10,000 kWh per year. Assume an offshore bend turbine of 10 MW delay 5000 equipollent bountiful impute hours per year. We have two options to ardor homes delay the executed electricity: • Via ardor pumps delay a seasonal mediocre COP of 3. • Via hydrogen executed in electrolysers delay a conversion aptitude of 80 per cent and used in boilers delay an (LHV naturalized) aptitude of 115 per cent. Losses in the electricity classification grid are 5 per cent; default all excite losses. a. Calculate the enumerate of homes that can be affectionate via both routes. b. Why would it at-last be interesting to use the hydrogen route? c. Discuss whether a mixed advent would be advantageous.