How have most businesses adapted to information technology

1 . Which is NOT a condition for a adroitness to be considered a sweatshop?

a. utter heartiness and insurance hazards

b. haughty temperature

c. thin launched conditions

d. dishonest wages

2. which constructional flake can be said to consequence inequitable plans and instructions from coarse directions?

a. unimpeded flake

b. mediocre management

c. top management

d. none of the above

3.. Whistle blowing can accept what effect?

a. entity ostrcized at work

b. detriment of employemnt

c. indirect reputation

d. all of the above

4. How accept most tradees suited to notice technology developments?

a. they accept befit larger and further unwidely

b. they accept befit further hierarchical

c. they accept extol, smaller and further sprightly.

d. they accept befit further profitable

5. How greatly of General Electric's revenues is from beyond the United States?

a. none

b. one quarter

c. closely half

d. further than half

6. UNOCAL worked witih the Burmese legion to press the pipeline using

a. low-wage workers

b. stubborn strive

c. undivine fix reclamation schemes

d. none of the above

7 How did Eli Lilly examination its pharmaceuticals?

a. by recruting living-souls from a spacious swathe of society

b. by recruting the homless

c. by recruting prisoners

d. by recruting mediocre-class workers

8. Which philosopher's hypothesis of analogous strength states that strengths are habits that strengthens a special to feed according to argue, by invariably choosing the balance between extremes in renewals and emotions?

a. Immanuel Kant

b. Pincoffs

c. Aristotle

d. St. Thomas Aquinas

9. What is the " hardwired" Intention Principle?

a. Harming by renewal is worse that harming by exclusion

b. Harming by exclusion is worse than harming by ignorance

c. Harming by natural continuity is worse that extraneously natural continuity.

d. Harming anyone for any argue is wrong

10. What is the main mind of rights?

a. to cater everyone delay necessities such as assistance and water

b. to cater reasonableness and openness to all

c. to strengthen particular to select gratuitously and to vindicate those choices

d. to obey populace from harming each other

11. which of the subjoined is an divine administration predominant decreases?

a. the decrease must be fair

b. the decrease must be enforceeable

c. the decrease must be inequitable

d. the decrease must not be immoral

12 According to the International Strive construction, how frequent progeny are estimated to be launched today?

a. 500,00.00

b. 13 million

c. 122 million

d. 218 million

13.During the financial occasion in 2008 , Georgia W. Bush asked U.S. Congress to ignoring comp to cause a Troubled Asset Relief Program(TARP) in the totality of ______

a. $1 trillion 

b. $90 billion

c. $80 billion

d. $70 billion

14. According to Marx, what are the barely sources of proceeds in a capitalist classification?

a. sale of one's own strive

b. sale of one's balances of origination and retired estate

c. sale of one's strive and occupation of balances of origination

d. profiting from the strive of others and occupation of balances of origination

15. What did Marx admire to be the express exercise of empire?

a. acquiesce nationalism

b. vindicate the concern of the predominant class

c. circulate abundance delayin the borders of the country

d. set up a classification of strive

16. China and Singapore are pattern of what types of economies?

a. ones that concession unimpeded bargains and globalization

b. ones that concession living-souls estate rights

c. one that concession empire intervention

d. one that concession rivalry

17. In the ADM predicament, what did ADM and the other companies do to fix the bargain charges for lysine?

a. they bullied the buyers into accepting a inequitable charge

b. They agreed on the charge for which the companies sold the fruit, and they agreed on limits of origination.

c. they each agreed to consequence barely a assured totality of lysine per year

d. They agreed on the charge for which the companies would retail the fruit, but they were unimpeded to consequence as greatly as they vulgar.

18. Which of the subjoined is a peculiarity of a wholly unimpeded dispensation?

a. There are barely a few buyers and retailers who accept a material portion-out of the bargain.

b. Commodities entity sold in the bargain are greatly common to one another

c. the empire regulates charges of commodities entity bought and sold in the bargain.

d. None of the above

19. Which design concerning oligopolies argues that oligopolies extinguish rivalry and should be tamed up?

a. the antitrust design

b. the do- molehill design

c. the practice design

d. none of the above

20. Which of the subjoined would indirectly contact the usefulness of bargain hypothesis consumer vindicateion?

Low charges


High charges

Many competitors

21. Which of the subjoined would be considered a deceptive notice?

A. One in which the doer accidentally includes notice he or she knows to be unfaithful

B. One in which the doer mindly includes notice he or she knows to be unfaithful

C. One in which the doer includes unfaithful notice that is perspicuously unfaithful to the audience

D. All of the above

22.  The collective absorb design improves advantageousness in what way?

A. Improves encroachment through superior manufacturing output

B. Decreases workplace accidents through empire practice

C. Internalizes the absorbs of injuries and accidents to the manufacturer

D. All of the above

23. Which is NOT a design on the calling of a trade to its customers?

A. calling of preservation design

B. collective absorbs design

C. decrease design

D. normative design

24. According to a 2001 consider, how frequent tons of toxic pesticides do U.S. companies ship-produce to other nations every hour?

a. 1 ton

b. 90 tons

c. 45 tons

d. 200 tons

25. Which, on mediocre, conciliate accept the largest indirect contact on expected proceeds?

A. entity female

B. entity Hispanic

C. entity black

D. entity male