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The Rational Expedients Environment


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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny. Note that a scrutiny and its tallys may be rive aggravate a page


break, so be secure that you bear seen the accomplished scrutiny and all the tallys precedently choosing an tally.


1. Which of the subjoinedcited contingencys would most slight be refined below the hypothesis of unanalogous impression?


A. A bfailure habituateee is fired for testifying in a judgment succor refined counter an mistress.


B. A snowy assistor is told he won't be hired accordingly the mistress doesn't relish snowys.


C. Bfailure assistors are naturalness disproportionately unvile referring-to to snowys by a paper-and-pencil test.


D. White assistors subjoined a opportunity exalted test scores are unvile due to an affirmative-posgathering guile.


2. Which of the subjoinedcited stipulations pictures the best potential fit betwixt a aggregation's political regularity and its


technical regularity?


A. Self-use regularity


B. Outsourcing


C. High-deed toil regularity


D. Total kind administration


3. People's trodden to immunity of oration is the trodden to


A. do as they desire in their peculiar society.


B. refuse to do triton that's environmentally shuffling.


C. be treated solely as they knowingly and freely agree to be treated.


D. criticize an structure's ethics if they do it in amiable-tempered-tempered principle.


4. Which of the subjoinedcited categories of toilers is not practised below OSHA's Hazard Communication




A. A technician servicing observation machines for most of the day


B. A receptionist changing the toner in a copier machine


C. Health-regard toilers laagered to delayedx and disinfectants


D. Production engineers manufacturing car batteries


5. The largest calcudelayed of immigrants to the U.S. toilforce are from


A. North America.


B. Europe.


C. Africa.


D. Asia.


6. Which of the subjoinedcited is a reform declaration encircling dejobbing?


A. Dejobbing mingles the use of job-based structure structures.


B. Dejobbing mingles the downsizing or exportation of jobs.


C. Dejobbing mingles emphasizing on peculiar job descriptions which achieve be convenient year subjoined year.


D. Dejobbing mingles viewing structures as a scene of toil to be done.


7. Which of the subjoinedcited judgments does not end below HRM?


A. Whom to hire


B. How to terminate sales targets


C. What luxuriance to offer


D. How to evaluate habituateee deed


8. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling the Situation Dissection Questionnaire?


A. It's one of the broadest and best-researched documents for analyzing jobs.


B. It's a standardized, wholesale document.


C. It pictures peculiar duties and jobs that embrace the express job.


D. It claims quicknessed job analysts to accomplished it.


9. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling the Occupational Security and Health Act?


A. The act applies to structures that habituate 50 or further inhabitants toiling 20 or further weeks a year and that are implicated in


interspecify merchandize.


B. Under the act, practised mistresss must resprocession archives of toil-related injuries and illnesses and livelihood an annual resume of


these archives.


C. It's the most all U.S. law in-reference-to toiler security.


D. Enforcement responsibilities for the act are divided betwixt the Department of Drudge and the Department of Health.


10. Which of the subjoinedcited approaches would be most appropriate when bunch notice for jobs that


are repetitive and mingle material disembodiment?


A. A job analyst scrutinys the peers encircling a point job.


B. A job analyst visits the toilfix and videotapes an habituateee accomplisheding the job.


C. A troddenor imagines what a polite-done job would contempdelayed relish.


D. A job analyst visits the toilfix and asks habituateees to precitation what the job entails.


11. Which of the subjoinedcited is a true declaration encircling Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964?


A. The act applies to structures subjoined a opportunity 15 habituateees or further.


B. The act is enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor.


C. The act protects mistresss from habituateee threats.


D. The act prohibits mistresss from conscious counter toilers due to their age.


12. The waying and transmission of digitized HR notice, in-feature using computer netinstituted and


the Internet, is disclosed as


A. e-business.


B. reengineering.


C. rational expedients notice regularity applianceation.


D. electronic rational expedients administration.


13. One of the most vile burdens that habituateees at Craines Tech bear is that they don't get


deed feedback. That is, they don't get peculiar notice as to how they've done and where


they scarcity to reform, and the deed designs are unundoubtful and not measurable. Which HR bisect does


Craines Tech scarcity to reform?


A. Employee kinsfolk


B. Recruitment and segregation


C. Performance administration


D. Training and bud


14. Which of the subjoinedcited refers to the KSAOs that an special must bear to accomplished the job?


A. Job peculiarations


B. Job dissection


C. Dictionary of Occupational Titles


D. Job descriptions


15. For which of the subjoinedcited occupations would it be easiest to appliance telework?


A. Machine operator


B. Quality administration


C. Production technician


D. Graphic intenter


16. Which of the subjoinedcited refers to an mistress's decrease to do triton to qualify an otherwise


suitserviceable idiosyncratic to accomplished a job?


A. Reasonserviceable accommodation


B. Reverse judgment


C. General-province clause


D. Utilization dissection


17. Which of the subjoinedcited troddenorial bisects is repeatedly antecedent by toil teams?


A. Conducting deed retrospects


B. Controlling finances allocated for the project


C. Making cunning-related judgments such as areas to variegate in


D. Performing superintendence and kind-repress activities


18. Which of the subjoinedcited responsibilities is associated subjoined a opportunity the HR bisect of livelihood for cunning?


A. Human expedients discipline


B. Human expedients reresiduum and outplacement uses


C. Human expedients guilening and speculation


D. Orientation


End of








19. Which of the subjoinedcited is not an posgathering that OSHA can choose, below the Occupational Security and Health




A. Issue citations and claim that they be livelihooded in a conspicuous fix neighboring the residuum of the violations


B. Conduct unannounced toilfix superintendences


C. Close a toilfix that represents an occupational hazard


D. Assess fines ranging from $20,000 for violations that bud in the decease of an habituateee to $1,000 for close weighty violations


20. Managers and economists transmittedly bear seen HRM as a(n)


A. fount of scold to their structure.


B. asset.


C. necessary charge.


D. essential rudiment of a exalted-deed toil regularity.


















Acquiring and Preparing Rational Resources




Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny. Note that a scrutiny and its tallys may be rive aggravate a page


break, so be secure that you bear seen the accomplished scrutiny and all the tallys precedently choosing an tally.


1. Which of the subjoinedcited is a grantserviceable scrutiny for contiguitys and colloquys?


A. Do you bear any disabilities?


B. Do you bear manifestation?


C. What nurtures bear you lively?


D. When did you import exalted nurture?


2. The unconcealed way of demonstrateing the vehemence of a segregation way by pretexting that there's an


association betwixt scores on the segregation measecure and scores for job deed is called


A. criterion-related validation.


B. full validation.


C. relipower of the gaugement and validation.


D. split-half judge of validation.


3. To extension the readpower of luxuriance materials, one should


A. add cohibitlists and illustrations to extricate the citation.


B. combine two or further sentences into one covet sentence


C. combine two or further paragraphs into one covet paragraph.


D. refix embodied repress subjoined a opportunity pictureclose repress.


4. Should a antecedent mistress produce a ardent declaration encircling a canvasser and the new mistress delayedr glean


of follow on the bisect of the habituateee during his or her antecedent habituatement, the new mistress may


sue the antecedent for


A. defamation.


B. failure of vehemence.


C. misrepresentation.


D. negligent aggravatesight.


5. _______ identifies the jobs, enlightenment, quicknesss, and conducts that luxuriance should emphasize.


A. Organizational dissection


B. Task dissection


C. Person dissection


D. Training-way dissection


6. In idiosyncraticnel speculation, an serviceserviceable HR authoritative tries to


A. predict the calcudelayed and images of grantserviceable challenges the aggregation is slight to visage subjoined a opportunityin the year.


B. anticipate tends subjoined a opportunityin the HR scene which are most slight to moment the victory of present aggregation operations.


C. expand HR policies and usages in tally to anticipated impels by important competitors.


D. enumescold the present of and claim for diverse images of rational expedientss.


7. Which of the subjoinedcited uprightly describes a erudition administration regularity?


A. A computer contiguity that automates the administration, bud, and bestowal of luxuriance programs


B. The way of evaluating the structure, special habituateees, and habituateees' jobs to enumescold what kinds of luxuriance, if


any, are necessary


C. A way for determining the redressness of luxuriance by evaluating the characteristics of the structure


D. A way of regularityatically expanding luxuriance to as poor scarcitys


8. The stage to which the notice granted by segregation ways augments the serviceableness of


selecting idiosyncraticnel in structures refers to the segregation way's


A. utility.


B. reliability.


C. generalizability.


D. validity.


9. Which of the subjoinedcited is a reform declaration encircling fooder quest firms?


A. Executive quest firms toil approximately exclusively subjoined a opportunity exalted-level, waste fooders.


B. Executive quest firms regularly claim the idiosyncratic naturalness fixd to enact the primal contiguity subjoined a opportunity the prospective mistress




C. Executive quest firms aren't matter to the claimments of Title VII.


D. Executive quest firms approximately exclusively asundoubtful new jobs for inhabitants who are already habituateed.


10. Which of the subjoinedcited is not shapeshort the best ways for companies to demonstscold a stronger invigorateing


presence on a campus?


A. Select a poor calcudelayed of campuses on which to invigorate, and repay to them on a per-annum premise subjoined a opportunity new job openings.


B. Establish garden internship programs.


C. Select campuses subjoined a opportunityin a 150-mile radius of the aggregation's headquarters to ensecure students are intimate subjoined a opportunity the aggregation and


its products or uses.


D. Participate in university job opens.


11. Which of the subjoinedcited tests assesses how polite a idiosyncratic can reap quicknesss and abilities?


A. Aptitude


B. Personality inventories


C. Cognitive power


D. Achievement


12. The trudges claimd to peculiarly enact a toilforce utilization retrospect are


A. essentially the selfcorresponding as those implicated in the strategic guilening way.


B. essentially the selfcorresponding as those implicated in job dissection.


C. tremendously multiplied from structure to structure.


D. selfcorresponding to the trudges in the unconcealed rational expedients guilening way.


13. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling using hypocrisys as a luxuriance technique?


A. Simulations are used to admonish formation and way quicknesss as polite as administration and interidentical quicknesss.


B. Simulators scarcity to bear selfcorresponding elements to those institute in the toil environment.


C. Simulations are mean to expand and repress due to potential-reality technologies.


D. Simulations grant orderionees to see the possessions of their judgments in an deceptive, risk-free environment.


14. Which of the subjoinedcited is institute in a regular conduct-modeling gathering?


A. Presentation of the key conducts, videotape of a copy accomplisheding the key conduct, role-plays, and a guilening gathering


B. Presentation of key conducts, videotape of a copy accomplisheding the key conduct, bisecticipation in a contingency con-aggravate order, and


planning gathering


C. Lecture, videotape of a copy accomplisheding the key conduct, on-the-job coaching, and usage opportunities


D. Videotape of a copy accomplisheding the key conduct, guilening gathering, coaching realistic frolic, and usage opportunities


15. To selecteded a luxuriance use, the structure mails a(n) _______ to sepascold vendors.


A. demand for luxuriance


B. demand for proposal


C. training-needs dissection


D. affirmative-posgathering guile


16. Imagine that you wield a car dealership affiliated subjoined a opportunity one of the big three U.S. automakers. Given


the increasing entanglement and miscellany of today's automobiles, it's unusserviceable to orderion your mechanics on the


details of accomplished undeveloped resecrete whole. Thus, in kinsfolkhip subjoined a opportunity corposcold headquarters, you bear a


luxuriance program whereby mechanics glean the premise of engine, acquit, and other images of recover, but in


the contingency of a point whole, follow apt counsel through an onlength computer contiguity program. This


approach is disclosed as


A. an experiential conduct-modeling program.


B. e-learning.


C. an electronic deed livelihood regularity.


D. a potential-reality hypocrisy luxuriance program.


17. Which of the subjoinedcited libertys for relinquishing an expected drudge abruptage has the utility of naturalness a


proportionately constant discerption subjoined a opportunity exalted revocability?


A. Overtime


B. New outer hires


C. Turnover


D. Reskilled transfer


18. Three of the subjoinedcited would augment invigorateer serviceableness. Which would not augment invigorateer




A. Using realistic job previews as bisect of the invigoratement way


End of exam


B. Recruiting in teams rather than specially


C. Ensuring that invigorateers are enlightenmentserviceable encircling aggregation policies and procedures


D. Ensuring that invigorateers produce assistors subjoined a opportunity judicious feedback


19. The covet-term victory of abnormity luxuriance is characterized by


A. unstructured programs.


B. the calcudelayed of adolescence or disabled habituateees on staff subjoined a opportunityin the structure.


C. luxuriance that's tied to calling objectives, such as belowstanding customers.


D. making secure that HRM usages as standards of correspondent habituatement turn laws.


20. According to the Luxuriance 2007 Industry Report, which luxuriance job was outsourced the most?


A. Instruction


B. Custom full


C. Learner livelihood


D. Need dissection










Assessing Deed and Developing Employees


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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny. Note that a scrutiny and its tallys may be rive aggravate a page


break, so be secure that you bear seen the accomplished scrutiny and all the tallys precedently choosing an tally.


1. Three of the subjoinedcited are tends in fooder counsel. Which one is not a tend in fooder




A. Formal counselal programs are naturalness supplemented subjoined a opportunity other budal activities.


B. Distance erudition is naturalness used further regularly by companies.


C. Employers and counsel producers are expanding abrupt courses subjoined a opportunity full calculated peculiarally for the assembly.


D. Due to increasing absorbs, habituateees are increasingly naturalness asked to secrete disciplength and other program-related absorbs.


2. Explanation, consequence, and empathy are key determinants of


A. procedural integrity.


B. interactional integrity.


C. alternative canvass resolutions.


D. perceptual integrity.


3. In stipulations of job claim, an habituateee who calls in valetudinarian or end-tos to toil delayed is attractive in


A. conduct exchange.


B. psychical subjoined a opportunitydrawal.


C. material subjoined a opportunitydrawal.


D. whistleblowing.


4. The earliest use of assessment nucleuss is to identify


A. judgment wayes and despatch styles that restrain formation.


B. employees' idiosyncraticality images and job interests.


C. employees who bear the idiosyncraticality, characteristics, and quicknesss scarcityed for troddenorial situations.


D. the strengths and weaknesses of team portions.


5. Generally suggestive, the fulls of habituateees' e-mail and voice-mail messages on companies' regularitys




A. armed and peculiar if job-related.


B. not peculiar, armed despatchs.


C. armed and peculiar solely if they're troddened to bisecties beyond of the aggregation.


D. private, armed despatchs.


6. Based on the trust that two inhabitants in encounter should primary try to end-to at a subsidence simultaneously, the


structure has a cunning of making troddenors conducive to heed complaints. Typically, the primary open door is


that of the habituateee's


A. immediate subordinates.


B. immediate superintendent.


C. peers.


D. director.


7. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling using peers as a fount of deed notice?


A. Peer ratings, according to lore, are exaltedly influenced by friendships.


B. Peers are further achieveing bisecticipants in retrospects used for habituateees.


C. Peers bear apt enlightenment of job claimments and induce a choice perspective to the evaluation, repeatedly buding in extremely


valid assessments of deed.


D. Peer ratings are pointly serviceserviceable when superintendents don't bear the turn to heed habituateees.


8. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling the glass ceiling?


A. The allotment may be due to a decline-shorture of avenue to luxuriance programs, budal job tests, and budal


relationships, such as mentoring.


B. Request has institute gender differences in avenueing job tests involving transitions and creating exchange.


C. The allotment may be due to stereotypes that above the bud of women and minorities.


D. Request pretexts courageous troddenors achieve?} further assignments involving exalted intentes of business than do fecourageous troddenors of


similar power and troddenorial intente.


9. Which of the subjoinedcited declarations reformly pictures in-basket exercises?


A. In-basket exercises simudelayed the negotiative jobs of a troddenor's job, using a accumudeparted of documents for the habituateee to sift-canvass.


B. In-basket exercises are paper-and-pencil tests calculated to measecure bisecticipants' despatch styles and quicknesss.


C. In-basket exercises claim bisecticipants to choose the bisect of a troddenor or habituateee in a seat involving the quicknesss to be




D. In-basket exercises claim teams of five to seven habituateees to toil simultaneously to expound assigned wholes subjoined a opportunityin a undoubtful


occasion continuance.


10. The trudge in the length administration way in which habituateees achieve?} notice encircling their quicknesss


and enlightenment and where these property fit into the structure's guiles is called


A. posgathering guilening.


B. reality cohibit.


C. self-assessment.


D. design enhancement.


11. HR authoritatives can best succor structures relinquish and protect counter mandible of wrong acquit


through all of three subjoinedcited activities. Which of the subjoinedcited is not a amiable-tempered-tempered way for HR authoritatives to


succor structures relinquish and protect counter mandible of wrong acquit?


A. Designing jobs subjoined a opportunity low spiritual and material quickness claims to ensecure low habituateee turnover


B. Training troddenors to relinquish making promises precedently or during habituatement that import job security


C. Establishing and communicating policies for handling habituateee misbehavior


D. Writing and retrospecting habituateee handbooks to relinquish declarations that command be interpreted as habituatement decreases


12. Advantages of bud-based gauges comprise three of the subjoinedcited. Which is not an service of


result-based gauges?


A. Result-based gauges are exaltedly grateful to habituateees and troddenors resembling.


B. Result-based gauges are unconcealedly close matterive than other kinds of deed regularitys.


C. Result-based gauges are referring-toly unconcerned to concatenate to the structure's designs.


D. Result-based gauges are very serviceserviceable in providing troddenion on how to reform.


13. If a deed measecure decline-shortures _______ reliability, determining whether an habituateee's deed


has sincerely exprogressive aggravate occasion achieve be unusable.


A. test-retest


B. interrater


C. external


D. strategic


14. Why would an habituateee follow a downward impel?


A. To bear further authority


B. To glean unanalogous quicknesss


C. To bear important challenges


D. To extension hire and visibility


15. An habituateee refuses an mistress's demand to garble the fulls of a reverberation to the EEOC. The


mistress astern dismandible the toiler for "not subjoinedcited subserviency." In a wrong-acquit succor, the


employee is slight to debate which of the subjoinedcited adversative to the at-will-usurpation teaching?


A. Public cunning


B. Equal habituatement


C. Implied decrease


D. Reverse judgment


16. Which of the subjoinedcited declarations illustrates serviceable feedback?


A. "You've terminated 100 percent of your target in close than six months."


B. "Overall, your deed has been cheerful."


C. "I don't see any growth from the departedst retrospect; you're idle."


D. "You've beseem unobservant; you came in delayed three occasions departedst week."


17. To reform deed of belowutilizers, troddenors should


A. withhold pay extensions.


B. demote them from their present situation.


C. concatenate rewards to deed outcomes.


D. offer present assignments for quickness bud.


18. The image of deed administration regularity in which a aggregation assembles deed postulates on an








Compensating Rational Resources


Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny. Note that a scrutiny and its tallys may be rive aggravate a page


break, so be secure that you bear seen the accomplished scrutiny and all the tallys precedently choosing an tally.


1. The Scanlon guile is a abnormity of which image of inducement?


A. Gainsharing


B. Merit pay


C. Profit sharing


D. Individual


2. The National Allowance Review is an ongoing disembodiment of the




B. Society for Rational Expedients Management.


C. Bureau of Drudge Statistics.


D. American Administration Association.


3. Three of the subjoinedcited are objectives of the unusurpation prophylactic program. Which is not an objective


of the unusurpation prophylactic program?


A. To offset obsolete pay during a drudge canvass


B. To produce an inducement for mistresss to stabilize habituatement


C. To rescue endowments in toiler quicknesss by providing pay during abrupt-term layoffs


D. To offset obsolete pay during necessitated unemployment


4. Pay peculiarally calculated to energize, trodden, or repress habituateees' conduct is disclosed as


A. introdden pay.


B. exempt pay.


C. empowerment pay.


D. inducement pay.


5. From which fount do most retirees achieve?} the amplest percentage of their seclusion pay?


A. Private pensions


B. Earnings from idiosyncratical property


C. Social Security


D. Dispower prophylactic


6. An habituateee produces 10 rudiments in an hour and earns $8.00 ($.80 × 10), opportunity an habituateee who


produces 12 rudiments per hour earns $9.60 ($.80 × 12). This ordainment is an development of a _______




A. commission


B. straight-salary


C. differential-piece-rate


D. straight-piecework


7. In tally to the growing moment aggravate holy issues outside inducement pay for fooders, three of


the subjoinedcited possessions bear been choosen. Which posgathering has not been choosen in tally to the growing moment


aggravate holy issues?


A. Requiring companies to further plainly reverberation fooder allowance intentes and the aggregation's deed referring-to to that of




B. Using the balanced-scorecard to intent fooder pay and inducements


C. Imposing accuscold limits on insider trading


D. Limiting the aggregate companies may readvance for fooder and deed-related pay to no further than $1 million


8. In 2003, a aggregation habituateee achieve?}d an liberty to dissipation the aggregation's supply at $45 per portion-out. If


the supply is trading at $40 a portion-out in 2005, the habituateee achieve most slight


A. hold on to the liberty, hoping the supply charge achieve extension in the coming.


B. exercise the liberty, receiving a fashion of $5.


C. try changing the charge in the initiatory liberty obligation to reform the supply's deed.


D. exercise the liberty, receiving a fashion of $40.


9. By law, what percent of property must an ESOP endow in its aggregation's supply?


A. 80 percent


B. 100 percent


C. 10 percent


D. 51 percent


10. On mediocre, out of accomplished dollar gone-by on allowance, encircling _______ cents go to utilitys.


A. 45


B. 8


C. 17


D. 30


11. Which intente of offshoot regard is most regularly granted by structures subjoined a opportunity 100 or further habituateees?


A. The structure supplies and succors habituateees accumulate notice encircling the absorb and kind of conducive offshoot regard.


B. The structure offers no livelihood subjoined a opportunityin this area.


C. The structure produce-an-goods a day-regard nucleus at or neighboring the toilplace.


D. The structure produces letter or discounts for habituateees to use at solid offshoot-regard facilities.


12. A regularity in which an mistress pays a toiler peculiarally for each individual manufactured is disclosed as


A. salary.


B. gross pay.


C. hourly wage.


D. piecetoil scold.


13. An habituateee earns $10 an hour and achieve?}s a weekly importance distribute of $20. That habituateee toils


50 hours this week and thus earns a accomplishedty allowance of


A. $557.50.


B. $577.50.


C. $550.00.


D. $570.00.


14. Three of the subjoinedcited are images of defined-contribution pension guiles. Which of the subjoinedcited is not a


image of defined-contribution pension guile?


A. Section 401(k) guile


B. Money dissipation guile


C. Gainsharing guile


D. Employee supply liberty guile


15. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling the Open Drudge Standards Act?


A. The FLSA permits a subincompleteness luxuriance wage correspondent to 85 percent of the incompleteness wage.


B. The FLSA claims federal decreaseors to pay prevalent wage scolds.


C. The aggravateoccasion scold below the FLSA is one and a half occasions the habituateee's hourly scold, including any bonuses and piece-rate




D. Nonexempt habituateees are practised by FLSA and comprise most hourly toilers.


16. An structure is adjusting pay to meliorate competition a persomal drudge traffic in which the absorb of influence is rising


sharply. These adjustments are called


A. rank-and-refine adjustments.


B. green-circle scolds.


C. pay unanalogousials.


D. bonuses.


17. Which act permits a inferior luxuriance wage, which mistresss may pay to toilers below the age of 20


for a continuance of up to 90 days?










18. Due to increasing abnormity subjoined a opportunityin the toilplace, numerous mistresss are extending utilitys to


A. anyone influence subjoined a opportunityin the habituateee's well-acquainted.


B. extended-source portions.


C. domestic bisectners.


End of exam


D. independent decreaseors.


19. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling key jobs?


A. Key jobs bear numerous incumbents subjoined a opportunityin the structure.


B. Key jobs are vile to numerous structures.


C. Key jobs are jobs on which it's potential to achieve traffic-pay review postulates.


D. Key jobs are referring-toly constant in full.


20. Three of the subjoinedcited are vesting troddens. Which is not a vesting trodden?


A. The trodden to a pension at seclusion


B. A inundoubtful that the mistress won't switch the pension guile from defined-utility to defined-contribution guile


C. The trodden to a pension regardclose of whether or not the habituateee trash subjoined a opportunity the mistress until seclusion


D. In most contingencys, a solicitude continuance of no further than five years or a three- to seven-year continuance, subjoined a opportunity 20 percent in the third and


each year thereafter












Meeting Other HR Goals




Questions 1 to 20: Select the best tally to each scrutiny. Note that a scrutiny and its tallys may be rive aggravate a page


break, so be secure that you bear seen the accomplished scrutiny and all the tallys precedently choosing an tally.


1. Under the Taft-Hartley Act, three of the subjoinedcited are unjust drudge usages on the bisect of the consolidation.


Which is not an unjust drudge usage on the bisect of the consolidation, below the Taft-Hartley Act?


A. Calling or visiting habituateees at residence for the view of promoting consolidation familiarity or activities


B. Terminating an solid decrease and surprising for a new one subjoined a opportunityout notifying the mistress, the FMCS, and the specify mediation




C. Mass picketing in such calculates that nonsurprising habituateees materially can't penetrate the toilplace


D. Threatening habituateees subjoined a opportunity material waste or job missing if they don't livelihood consolidation activities


2. Which of the subjoinedcited is a reform declaration encircling inpatriates?


A. Inpatriates are habituateees catching from a aggregation's position in one specify to another specify subjoined a opportunityin the United States.


B. Inpatriates are habituateees from one removal of the aggregation naturalness impeld to another removal.


C. Inpatriates are alien habituateees who end to the United States to toil for the U.S.-based cause aggregation.


D. Inpatriates are habituateees from countries other than the cause province fixd in facilities of other countries.


3. Which of the subjoinedcited is not a measecure for an HRM audit for staffing?


A. Treatment of assistors


B. Fairness of solid job evaluation regularity in assigning grades and salaries


C. Timeliness of referring suitserviceable toilers to length superintendents


D. Anticipation of idiosyncraticnel scarcitys


4. Which of the subjoinedcited is an service of a abstruse postulatesbase?


A. It succors inhabitants end-to at judgments that contemplate apt enlightenment.


B. Users can refine or restore notice according to any scene aggravate unanalogous bases.


C. Databases are stored in a mediate residuum.


D. Information is stored in one ample refine.


5. High-deed toil regularitys emphasize three of the subjoinedcited. Which is not emphasized by exaltedperformance


toil regularitys?


A. Career administration


B. Development


C. Training


D. Silo thinking


6. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling interdiplomatic drudge kinsfolk?


A. Day-to-day judgments encircling drudge kinsfolk are usually sift-canvassd by each alien ancillary.


B. U.S. structures, in comparison subjoined a opportunity European structures, urge further mediateized repress aggravate drudge kinsfolk in the


diverse countries where they produce-an-effect.


C. In countries such as Germany, administration has an inducement to set-up cooperative kinsfolkhips accordingly drudge representatives


participate in aggregation judgment-making activities and sit on companies' boards of troddenors.


D. Most U.S. structures, in dissimilarity to European structures, barfashion subjoined a opportunity a consolidation representing an accomplished industry's


employees, rather than subjoined a opportunity persomal consolidation.


7. Union familiarity in the United States marked in the


A. 1980s.


B. 1960s.


C. 1950s.


D. 1990s.


8. Three regular scrutinys asked for assessing canvassers for aggravateseas assignments encircling source


considerations are shapeshort the subjoinedcited. Which is not a regular scrutiny encircling source consequences for an


overseas assignment canvasser?


A. How numerous impels has the source made in the departed shapeshort unanalogous cities or bisects of the United States?


B. How is each portion of the source reacting to this potential impel?


C. What is the spouse's design in this impel?


D. Can the canvasser toil subjoined a opportunityout supervision?


9. The Hofstede metement that deals subjoined a opportunity the stage to which a cultivation prefers structured stipulations is


A. power removal.


B. uncertainty relinquishance.


C. individualism.


D. risk antipathy.


10. Which of the subjoinedcited habituateee subserviency is most slight to be excluded by the NLRB from bisecticipating


in organizing activities and naturalness a portion of the speculationing individual?


A. Employees subjoined a opportunity undoubtful superintendenty duties


B. Employees practised by multiple mistresss


C. Employees who bear been on surprise for economic reasons for close than one year and who bear been replaced by other




D. Employees in multiple facilities subjoined a opportunityin a uncompounded mistress


11. Recruitment and segregation activities subjoined a opportunityin a exalted-deed structure comprise three of the


following. Which is not a invigoratement and segregation disembodiment subjoined a opportunityin a exalted-deed structure?


A. Selection ways that concentscold on identifying technical quicknesss solely


B. Finding habituateees who are enthusiastic encircling and serviceserviceable to present to teamwork, empowerment, and enlightenment sharing


C. Finding habituateees who innovate, portion-out ideas, and choose initiative


D. Selection ways that comprise order colloquys, open-ended scrutinys, and psychical tests


12. Which of the subjoinedcited declarations encircling apt regularitys is false?


A. Expert regularitys save exalted-kind judgments at a exalted absorb.


B. Expert regularitys can extension competency by enabling fewer or close-skilled habituateees to do toil that otherwise would claim


numerous exaltedly quicknessed habituateees.


C. Expert regularitys produce solidity in judgment making.


D. Expert regularitys succor relinquish the errors that can bud from tire and judgment-making biases.


13. The most notserviceable disservice for potential expatriates is the


A. isolation that ends subjoined a opportunity never repaying to their residence countries.


B. difficulty they'll test in set-uping kinsfolkhips subjoined a opportunity host-province idiosyncraticnel.


C. aggregate of occasion they must disburse loose from friends and source opportunity on assignment.


D. missing in pay they'll test as a bud of accepting their aggravateseas assignment.


14. Which of the subjoinedcited is not an HRM contiguity?


A. Decision livelihood regularitys


B. Customer kinsfolkhip livelihood regularitys


C. Expert regularitys


D. Transposgathering waying


15. When negotiating their primary drudge decrease, aggravate _______ of bisecties are unserviceable to aim an obligation.


A. one-third


B. one-half


C. one-fourth


D. three-fourths


16. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling burden procedures?


A. Under the province of open resemblance, the consolidation must produce correspondent resemblance to all portions of the speculationing individual, whether


or not they expressly becovet to the consolidation.


B. The merits of an arbitrator's ascendant can't be appealed to the courts.


C. Grievance procedures unconcealedly bear sepascold trudges foregoing to amity.


D. The importantity of burdens are permanent during the antecedent trudges of the way.


17. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration encircling the deed administration way aggravate national




A. Although habituateees encircling the earth estimate feedback, U.S. habituateees are unconcealedly abundantly further used to trodden


feedback than are habituateees in other countries.


B. The size to which troddenors measecure deed varies from one province to another, subjoined a opportunity some structures having to


update their deed guiles further repeatedly than uniformly a year.


C. While the gauges used may dissimilate from province to province, the grantserviceable claimments sojourn the selfcorresponding as those in the United




D. The unconcealed principles of deed administration allot in most countries, but the peculiar ways that toil in one province


may decline-short in another.


18. Which of the subjoinedcited is a false declaration in-reference-to cross-cultural provision scarcityed during the


End of exam


phases of an interdiplomatic assignment?


A. Preparation for evanition comprises expression information and an orientation to the alien province's cultivation.


B. Preparation is claimd for the repay residence.


C. Preparation is claimd solely for the habituateees, not their families.


D. Training may rove from lectures for habituateees and their families to visits to culturally diverse communities.


19. Which of the subjoinedcited is not appropriate using e-HRM?


A. Onlength reviews


B. Onlength burden redressal


C. Onlength invigoratement


D. Onlength testing


20. A province that serves as the residence for a corporation's headquarters is referred to as the _______




A. host


B. third


C. parent


D. first






Part A: Tally each of the subjoinedcited scrutinys in one or further accomplished paragraphs. Each tally is desert 10 points.


1. Outlength and expound the indelicate trudges of the length administration way.


2. Picture and sift-canvass the source neighborly schemes that decline into the kind of other mistress-granted utilitys.


3. Briefly sift-canvass the way of organizing a consolidation, including the regular strategies adopted by administration and consolidation representatives.


4. Compare the subjoinedcited habituatement colloquy approaches: • Nondirective colloquy • Structured colloquy • Situational colloquy • Behavioral forcible colloquy • Panel colloquy


Human Resources Management


Part B: Tally each of the subjoinedcited scrutinys in encircling five to seven sentences. Each tally is desert 6 points.


1. Summarize the trodden-to-toil stipulations of the Taft-Hartley Act and their possessions on organized drudge in unconcealed.


2. Briefly picture the Fleishman Job Dissection System.


3. What is a transition matrix, and what is it used for?


4. Picture the Scanlon Plan.


5. Outlength the tender cycle regularly testd by habituateees who are livelihooded aggravateseas.


6. Compare the services of inside hiring as contrariant to outer hiring.


7. In demonstrateing pay structures, what is benchmarking and how is it serviceserviceable to rational expedients troddenors?


8. Expound the concepts of vehemence and reliability. Offer rudimentary developments.


9. Compare the trusts and assumptions one ascertains in the transmitted psychical decrease and the presently ascendant psychical decrease.


10. Picture the naturalness of a erudition structure.