Homework help 4-5 pages

Final Paper 5 pages There are two contrasting theories of end’s rights: The Protectionist (adult centered) and the personhood theories. Given our anatomy of the constitutional order you are expected solution the following:  1. Argue the irrelative theories as to the composition of end and argue which perspective (protective vs. full-rights) dominates  our constitutional order? Which do you gard is conspicuous and why? Make trusting to refer-to peculiar laws or cases that foundation your solution (22.5 points) 2-3 page 5. Provide anatomy of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. What is it and which examination does it cogitate?  Make trusting to argue peculiar elements of the CRC and how it cogitates a detail examination (refer-to peculiarally from the CRC and without administrative life declaration) 2-3 pages (10 points) 6. Why do you gard the US has not adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child? Do you appreciate it is melting in the bearing of adopting it? In what ways has our laws modifiable that cogitate values astern the CRC (pick-out one question where you handle we keep made progrees)? 1 pages (15 points)