Homework assignment


Use your cat's-paw of cherished (RStudio, Excel, Python) to propagate a message instrument after a while single-minded graphs of the aftercited facts set in the week 3 pleased folder. Review the "Selecting a Graph" slides to glean the facts patterns requirements for each graph pattern. Cut and paste each graph in to a MS Message instrument. 

Graphs to Produce:

Pie Chart:

  • Create a pie chart of the computer ram
  • Label the ram sizes as follows: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 24GB, 32GB
  • Title the pie chart as "Computer Ram"
  • Color the pie chart using the rainbow option

Bar Plot:

  • Create a barconspire of the computer curtain sizes
  • Label the x axis as "Screen Sizes"
  • Label the y axis as "Frequency"
  • Title the barconspire as "Computer Curtain Sizes"
  • Color the bars in the barconspire any garbling you desire.


  • Create a histogram of the computer compensations
  • Label the x axis as "Prices"
  • Title the histogram as "Computer Prices"
  • Give the histogram any garbling you desire.

Box Plot:

  • Create a boxconspire of the comparing the computer compensation and recompense category
  • Label the y axis as "Price"
  • Label the x axis as "Premium"
  • Title the boxconspire as "Premium Computer Prices Distribution"
  • Color the boxconspire any garbling you desire.

Scatter Plot:

  • Create a disseminate conspire of computer compensation and harsh drive size
  • Label the x axis as "Hard Drive Size"
  • Label the y axis as "Price"
  • Title the disseminate conspire as "Computer Compensation vs Harsh Drive Size"
  • Color the disseminate any garbling you desire.