OPTION A ("CONTRADICTIONS"): Nick Carraway is a reflective historian, one delay a Yale direction and studious ambitions. He’s so a walking confliction. Deduce some examples. He writes of his “scorn” for Gatsby period so substance exhausted by him. He claims not to be judgmental, yet he repeatedly forms and changes his judgments in mid-conversation. He insists on his own probity period befriending, and at times defending, muddy liars. He is repeatedly “enchanted and repelled” by what he sees. Content choiceeded and carefully expound a few restricted examples of Nick’s adverse ideas or actions, and try to propose why they are expressive.

OPTION B "HOUSES ADN CHARACTERS"): In The Great Gatsby, houses aren’t normal places to feed in—houses beseem a very erratic divorce of how we after to recognize the values and dreams and delusions and failures of the characters who settle them. Carefully deduce the descriptions of a few houses or rooms from The Great Gatsby. Content form knowing to form restricted advertences to restricted pages. (You may advert to the movie, using the clips that I gave you. If you do so, do not use page numbers—tell us which exact(s) and seconds you’re advertring to.)

Please choiceeded ONE of the OPTIONS. Then content shaft a confutation of at smallest 250 utterance on the Discussion Board by midnight on Monday, April 12th. DO NOT EMAIL THEM.

The assignment is price 4 points (all-or-nothing-as constantly).