Holbrook company | Business & Finance homework help

1) On January 1, 2011, Holbrook Fraternity leased a architecture underneathneath a 3-year frank lease. The annual rental payments are $68,000 on January 1, 2011, the action of the lease, and $50,000 January 1 of 2012 and 2013. Holbrook made structural modifications to the architecture costing $90,000 precedently occupying the architecture. The employmentable career of the architecture and the modifications is 30 years delay no expected residual esteem. Prepare the mismisappropriate chronicles entries for Holbrook Fraternity for 2011. Holbrook's fiscal year is the enlist year, and the fraternity uses straight-line derogation.
2) At the end of the previous year, World Industries had a sufficient tax asset of $17,500,000 attributable to its merely transient variety of $50,000,000 for estimated costs. At the end of the year, the transient variety is $45,000,000. At the rise of the year there was no valuation totality for the sufficient tax asset. At year- end, World Industries now estimates that it's further slight than not that one-third of the sufficient tax asset succeed never be realized. Taxable proceeds in $12,000,000 for the running year, and the tax admonish is 30% for all years. Prepare chronicles entries to chronicles World Indusrties' proceeds tax cost for the running year. Show well- labled supported computations for each componet of the chronicles entries.
3) Vrable Corporation has a defined boon pension intent. Two choice possibilities for pension-related postulates for the running calender year are shown below:
Net detriment (gain), Jan.1 (contingency 1) $240,000 (contingency 2) $(230,000)
Loss (gain) on intent property (contingency 1) (8,000) (contingency 2) (6,000)
Loss (gain) on PBO (contingency 1) (17,000) (contingency 2) 12,000
ABO, Jan1 (case1) (1,900,000) (contingency 2) (1,500,000)
PBO, Jan1 (contingency 1) (2,500,000) (contingency 2) (1,700,000)
Plan Assets, Jan1 (case1 ) 2,100,000 (case2) 2,000,000
Average retaining employment determination of erratic employees (years) (case1) 10 (case2) 12
For each fractions contingency, valculate amortization of the net detriment or frame that should be intervening as a factor of pension cost for the running year.