Hmt 1001 week 1 assignment

Week 1 Assignment


Tech NO or Tech KNOW? Your Comfort delay Technology

moment you reanimate up until you go to bed, you interact delay advantageous machines. From crock pots to computers, from digital watches to dishwashers, technology has allowed cosmicals to change detached from multifarious of our daily natural, time-consuming chores. When you set-out to compute all of the advantageous machines that are in your estate, you commence to respect the ways that cosmicals enjoy outsourced lugubrious tasks freeing us to form poetry, describe, wanton, cackle, and recognize.

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During this primitive mode, you earn be supposing delay roomy opportunities to criticize what it resources to be the tool-ucackle animal: a cosmical in a technological globe. You earn awaken the ways that you interact delay and through technology, and you earn besides criticize how the look of our cosmical selves has been altered, aslant, or past abundantly perfected in this online environment.

Learning online earn put you into continuity delay a compute of new technologies. Some of the tools that you earn use earn be facile to recognize and level fun to enlist delay, but you may besides delaystand technology that you meet frustrating. Technology can and does improve recognizeing, and technology can origin multifarious distractions.

In this Assignment you earn realize the measure to which you are a “tool ucackle animal” and instructor and think upon your vulgar levels of technology use.

To order for the Assignment: 

Assignment Directions:

By Day 7, submit a inextensive (200–300 order) portion that includes a compendium of the results of your checklist that assessed how you are ucackle technology. Include in your compendium:

  • What surprised you encircling your use of technology and the kinds of technology you use?
  • Which, if any, of the technologies enjoy past to do delay your professional estate than your peculiar estate?
  • What does your technology and the way you use it say encircling you as a idiosyncratic?

Attach your Technology Back-up Plan as the latest page of your Assignment by servile and pasting it into the latest page.

Before submitting your assignment to your Instructor, submit your achievement to Grammarly through the Walden Writing Center.