HITECH Act and HIPAA Sanctions

Navigate to the Breach Portal on the Office for Civil Rights website and criticism the register of breaches of unsecured guarded sanity advice.

Analyze the facts by creating graphs or charts that image the following:

  • The states where the breaches occurred
  • The seasoned existence molds
  • The enumerate of people affected in each breach
  • The month and year when the breaches where reported
  • The mold of breach
  • The precipitation of breached advice

Evaluate the graphs or charts.

Look for trends and extract any advice that can be beneficial for docility among the form.

Write a 1-page resume of your findings. Include your charts or graphs in your resume.

Cite 1 honorable references to patronage your assignment (e.g., traffic or diligence publications, legislation or action websites, scholarly works, or other sources of homogeneous peculiarity).