History paper

The Greek follower Polybius asked: "Who is so rash and idle that he does not absence to apprehend in what way and delay what husk of legislation the Romans in hither than 53 years conquered the all inhabited globe and brought it beneath their rule--an prosperity previously unheard of?" Delay penetrating awareness Polybius realized that the Romans were achieving colossus sole in globe narrative. What was that prosperity? Clearly it was past than creating a large rule. Despite frontier wars and rural rebellions, how did the Romans tend cohesion in the rule for so covet? (You may absence to sift-canvass legislation, infrastructure, host, culture, economics, connection, dates, etc.) Evaluate the import of the Roman Rule naturalized on the readings. You should reach at meanest two references to pristine sources base in the condition in this paper. Briefly say colossus environing how the Roman Republic was transformed into the Roman Empire.
In pigmy, this essay is investigation you to transcribe environing your beneathstanding of the narrative of the Roman Rule from a "macro" apex of vision, but delay numerous references to "micro" token base in the instrument of this ace. Explain Roman Empire--its victory and challenges. You should subsistence your statements delay token from the passage.