HIST 131


Primary Cause Analysis

As mentioned in the assigned lection and videos, those who held the measureless bulk of opulence during the Gilded Age believed in the preface of Social Darwinism and Liberty of Contract. For his part, steel baron Andrew Carnegie donated abundantly of his coin to kind efforts. During the corresponding era, photographer Jacob Riis sought to highlight how the most corrupt Americans were stay. After lection twain primitive causes, exhaustive a primitive cause resolution of each. We own been inaugurated towards this assignment for the decisive three weeks. For regard, use the primer and specimen of a exhaustived primitive cause resolution under and in CC.

For unmeasured subject-matters the forthcoming criteria must be addressed:

  • ·CONTEXT: the literal standing in which the primitive cause was done. Who wrote this muniment? What is going on in the cosmos-people, empire, part, or forbearance when this was created? When was it done? For what auditory was the cause done? What image of muniment is this? Think, “What else do we want to perceive to rectify conceive the manifestation in this cause?”
  • ·CONTENT: the senior subject-matter(s)or signification(s)of a primitive cause in its literal treatment. What is the cause’s main notion? This can contend significantly from what the primitive cause may show to balance to the new-fashioned witness. Decipher what the constructor was reserved to decipher delay this cause. What is the constructor’s prepossession or subject-matter of conception?
  • ·CONSEQUENCES/CONCLUSIONS: What offering does this cause compel to our conceiveing of narrative? What does this muniment divulge about the detail communion and epoch in topic? Who is left out of compensation? Women, offspring, minorities, members of the bulk? What are the effects or judgment of this primitive cause in narrative?
  • ·CITATION: Who created this and when?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeWE_FaIP6k&feature=youtu.be


-         Andrew Carnegie, “Gospel of Wealth” 

-         Jacob Riis, How the Other Half Lives 

For regard:

-          Primitive Cause Analysis  Primer 

-          Primitive Cause Resolution Specimen