HIMA460 Healthcare Data Management and Governance Assignment: Data Standardization

 Assignment Instructions As the Director of Soundness Knowledge for a liberal soundness method, you accept been asked to irritate facts sets, inferior facts sources, and archival methods through the contact of soundness informatics techniques. The CEO and Board of Directors has asked you to proffer a artifice to utensil opposite the structure and approve best practices. 

Please supervene the instructions beneath to entire this assignment. 

1. Apply your experience of factsbase querying, investigation and mining techniques to qualify knowledge restitution, to invent an cunning of key components and factors for a facts standardization artifice.

2. Investigate at lowest five (5) key braves cognate to facts sources and facts wordbook compromise, to converge the needs of a soundness method. Determine the sentiment of each brave and its sentiment. 

3. Investigate at lowest five (5) key braves after a while facts refine structures (i.e., facts definitions, facts modeling, facts warehousing, and factsbase administration methods). Determine the sentiment of each brave and its sentiment. 

4. Compare and dissimilarity the key braves. Specifically harangue the comparisons as advantages and/or disadvantages to facts standardization. 

5. Based on all the foregoing assignment components: a. Construct a artifice to wield knowledge as a key strategic admittance and sever of the knowledge administration artificening arrangement, as an asset throughout the soundnesscareorganization. b. Approve at lowest three (3) best practices in your artifice. c. Justify each approveation.

 6.Present the knowledge utilizing a video conferencing or recording method. Submit your artifice after a while approveations, and exhibition recording.