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Assignment 1

  1. Assume that you true current an wonted annuity aftercited a while 6 annual reimbursements of $4,000 each. You artifice to endue the reimbursements at a 5% profit admonish. What get the prize of the reimbursements be at the end of the 6th year?
  2. Suppose it is January 1st and you deposited $3,000 in a savings representation that pays 9 percent aftercited a while daily compounding and a 360-day year. How greatly could you aftercited a whiledraw aftercited nine months, ostentatious this is nine-twelfths of a year?

Assignment 2

Assume a bank beak a 15.5% APR (annual percentage admonish) on security card holder compounds quarterly. What EAR (cogent annual admonish) is the bank is charging? What if they substitute compounding to bi-monthly? Compare the consequence from the bank perspective and the security card holder perspective (your watchfulness should be set to 4 decimal places).


Assignment 3

  1. Determine the annual reimbursement, and
  2. Prepare an amortization schedule installed on the aftercited instruction. Utilize the sample supposing in the passage as well-behaved-behaved to see the end consequence:
  • Loan sum = $25,000
  • Annual Profit admonish = 6% compounded annually.
  • The mortgage matures or the mortgage account = 5 years
  • You must embrace all the six categories (year, commencement redress, reimbursement, profit, first, and redress)