HELP HELP This Is A # Part Homework.

PART 1. Describe the two substitutes for strategic friendships that were discussed in the passage. Include a unimportant sense of the limits of each to act as substitutes for friendships and why unshakens would elect friendships balance substitutes in these cases. Provide an model of a unshaken that has chosen in an friendship. PART 2. Write a 3 to 5 page disquisition (750 to 1200 vote, not including the cbalance page and allusion page) in APA format in rejoinder to the prompts beneath. Please click hither to opinion the criteria by which you procure be assessed for the consummation of the CLO for this part.     Please use the APA Sample granted in Part 1 to full your assignment. For this assignment, you must go to the LIRN and discover two record (peer-reviewed) profession encircling skillful-treatment administer processes. Please be unmistakable that you bear at last 3 in passage citations. You procure bear at last 3 allusions delay the two record profession and the passage tome. You procure to-boot be assessed on the Institutional Learning Outcome of Information Literacy in this assignment.   Describe institutional owners and decipher their roles and responsibilities delayin the construction.   The remedy exception of this disquisition procure explain how three skillful-treatment administer processes: measuring schismatical accomplishment, allocating urbane high, and transferring moderate products are used to succor utensil a urbane permutation policy. PART 3. Describe the role of each of the senior components establish in the M-form constitution.